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Hi, everybody. John Fischer. Welcome to accreditedinvestorleads.com. Oil-and-gas sales leads. So, if you go to Google, Bing…I saw a search engine one of my customers came in on- Ducky. They protect you, make sure you’re ok. Never heard of Ducky. But, anyway, and you go and you punch in, ‘Hey, I’m looking for oil and gas sales leads. That’s what we do. Matter of fact, majority of my database happens to be oil and gas sales leads. If you take a look at most of the private placement memorandum recipients, and that’s all we sell- people that have been surveyed by a broker dealer; he’s got some skin in the game. He’s looking to make his 10% commission. They been read the definition of an accredited investor. They been asked, ‘Is 25 to 50,000 a comfortable entry level?’ And they were mailed a private placement memorandum.

But what I’m gonna sell you is not just oil-and-gas sales leads. I’m gonna send you accredited! And remember, whenever you’re looking for leads, always specify that word ‘accredited’. Are these people accredited? How do you know they’re accredited? If you buy those 7¢ leads, you’re not an accredited investor. There is zip +4 average, and that does not work. And if you think you can buy 7¢ leads and have any kind of action, please don’t call me. Do not call me, ok? You have to pay for those types of leads, and they’re not cheap. And the bottom line is, you need to have someone talk to ‘em. And just because I sell ‘em to you, and I tell you they’re accredited, you and your people still have to vet them. They have to tell you they’re accredited. You can’t grandfather ‘em in. ‘Oh, I bought a list of accredited investors; therefore, they’re accredited.’ You have to make sure yourself personally, or your people ask him if they’re accredited.

We have the best oil and gas sales leads in the country. Matter of fact, I’ve got some dynamite stuff. We sell ‘em a dollar apiece for the PP Crème- private placement, crème stands for the cream of the crop. And then we have the Big Dogs. Those are $5 apiece. For every thousand that you spend, you get a hundred Big Dogs for free and, I’ll tell you what, if you’re doing an oil-and-gas deal, I feel bad for you because the last six months the price has been terrible. But there’s so many guys like you out there that I’ve been trying so hard to qualify people and close ‘em. There is a tremendous database that I have built for the last six months for people that are really. I got some real nice client lists also. I got one client list that’s unbelievable. It’s what I call The Happy Camper client list. These people are happy, no dry holes, and, guess what, they’re getting royalty checks. I mean that’s the kinda stuff that you’re looking for. It’s rare, very rare. You have any questions, call me. I’ll talk about everything I have in the house and see what we can find for ya. John Fischer- 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

oil and gas rig in the dark

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