Stock Broker Leads

Are you searching for accredited investor leads or specifically stock broker leads? Well, Accredited Investor Leads has got you covered. We specialize in accredited investors and we have been in the lead business for 30+ years.

What are stock broker leads?

stock broker leads

Stock broker leads are private transactions between an accredited investor and a qualified salesman/reseller.  The accredited investor is typically referred to as the “reseller”. The broker hired by the “reseller” will provide his or her clients with leads that include detailed information about the asset. If you are looking to purchase stocks then it is very likely that you will need a stock broker lead as an early buyer or as part of a larger order.

Who purchases stock broker leads?

Stock broker leads are purchased by accredited investors and investment companies like hedge funds and mutual funds, you can also visit us at to purchase these leads online.  It is very typical for a new investor to invest in stocks that he or she is interested in, followed by a more serious purchase of stocks within a week of researching their portfolio of stocks.

Why are leads important?

The initial purchase of a stock broker lead is a cost-effective way of getting involved in the stock market. While investing is a more expensive way to get started, it does have its advantages. There is no cost or commission on the initial purchase which makes it an attractive option for investors who want to get started within a short time period. In addition, since there is no charge for the leads, there are no hidden costs with the purchase of them; we offer them for free! 

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