Real Estate Private Placement Leads

Are you looking for real estate private placement leads? Well, you have come to the right place! At Accredited Investor Leads, all of our investors are accredited.

What are real estate private placement leads?

Well, quite simply, they are real estate opportunities or limited partnership interests that can be purchased by private investors. They can also be called a limited partnership interest, or a private placement investment opportunity.

These leads are for people looking to invest in a business by purchasing an interest in exchange for cash, property assets, or services rendered. Typically these types of investments carry a much higher risk than what is offered by a typical stock, but also offer much higher potential returns.

For example, there recently was an article out about the “Penn South apartments” in New York City that raised $50 million for the owners to renovate the property. This funding came from investors that were interested in investing their money into a project that had a high ROI.

real estate private placement leads

When do you need real estate leads?

If you are interested in raising or is in need of money for an real estate project then you have come to the right place! Our leads are people who have invested before and are willing to invest in new project. Our leads are validated on a regular basis to ensure that they are accurate and up to date. We have been in the leads business for many years and guarantee our leads to be the best in the business.

At Accredited Investor Leads, we offer many different kinds of leads. Contact us today! We have been in the lead business for over 30+ years specialing in accredited investors.