Reaching the Right Accredited Investors Leads

What is an Accredited Investors Leads?

Hey everybody my name is John Fisher welcome to So let’s talk about accredited investors. An accredited investor is real simple the Security Exchange Commission defines an accredited investor as someone that makes 200,000 a year for the last two years or 300,000 combined household income. They have to have a million net worth not including their home, they have to have experience in managing their personal portfolio, we add on $25,000 – $100,000 in Risk Capital qualify and we only buy people that have been mailed a private placement memorandum. Those accredited investors leads are 50 cents and if you buy 10,000 leads it drops to 40 cents. 

Client List

Client list are very rare because they are the people that payout checks. I’ve got one Client List that has 800 names $5 a piece. Clients are $5 a piece because they’re hard to get and it’s hard to find something that’s out of business. When you buy accredited investors leads be very careful of the origin of those particular leads.

accredited investors leads

You know the oil and gas leads are tough because um a lot of these guys hit dry holes and You know because of the current administration’s hatred for the oil and gas industry we’ve lost a lot of our own gas guys. In the process of that, they’ve sold their assets to survive so we have a lot of clients.

Oil and gas leads are perfect for Real Estate, oil and gas leads are perfect for precious metals, tech leads are really good for the oil and gas industry, and also numismatic coins and stuff like that. An investor is an investor, most of them are diversified and are all over the place. We have coins in the safe, you know we’ve got metals in the safe, we’ve got IRAs, you know we have real estate holdings. I don’t know many investors that are not diversified.

Getting back to accredited investors. What specializes in we’ve got over a million names of people that have been vetted by a broker-dealer. If you want a real cheap lead, I’ve got companies that have gone out of business that sell the same kind of lead I do and that was two years ago. We take the same database, we go ahead and we update the phone numbers been selling for seven cents fifty thousand or we sell twenty-five thousand for a dime or we sell ten thousand for fifteen cents and you can buy that Cheapy cheapy stuff. It’s much much better quality and they’re vetted. I’m not swinging mud.

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