Quality Leads for Investment Brokers

AccreditedInvestorLeads.com also provides quality leads for investment brokers.  As a broker, it is important to continually fill your pipeline with new investors.  One of the challenges brokers typically face is identifying leads to call on or prospects with asset sizes that fit their parameters.  The challenge is that without these activities, many brokers are unable to reach the level of success they desire.

Here is how to find quality leads for investment brokers:

  • Networking.  Building a solid referral network takes time but is worth it in the long run.  A referral network expands your reach to where people are talking about you, even when you are not around.  This will naturally generate leads.  Try to partner with key industries that could have crossover.  For example, insurance agents, bankers, and attorneys.  Typically, the best way to start a referral relationship is to give a referral.
  • Community involvement.  Many people think of business events as strictly through the chamber of commerce or local business groups.  These can be effective but very often, everyone in attendance is simply looking for business.  Instead, participate in community events that may appeal to your target demographic.  For example, volunteering with the American Heart Association where doctors (potential investors) are also active participants.  You will be able to do something good for the community while meeting prospects.
  • Accredited Investor Leads.  You can purchase leads for investment brokers from AccreditedInvestorLeads.com.  Accredited investors made a minimum of $200,000 per year as an individual or $300,000 with their spouse.  Those that don’t make that annually have a minimum net worth of $1 million.  These are fantastic prospects for a broker and are very often, actively investing.
  • Online marketing.  Use the internet and social media to expand your reach and attract new investors.  You must be careful with what you say to ensure that it is in compliance.  Focus on providing basic tips or information that can be applicable to a large group of people.  For example, discussing how to roll over an IRA.  Create a Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook page where you can interact with prospects and provide a level of information that encourages them to call you for more details.
  • Current clients.  Your existing clients are typically with you because they like the services you are providing to them.  Too often, brokers and sales professionals forget to ask their existing clients for referrals. This is a mistake.  They can be a fantastic source of leads and a referral from an existing client typically holds weight with the friends and family they are speaking with.
  • Events.  Consider holding educational seminars or events.  This will appeal to people that are interested in learning more about making money and investment strategies.  Evens can be an excellent source of leads for investment brokers because you obtain everyone’s information when they register and have the opportunity to answer questions after the fact.

If you are looking to expand your portfolio, the fastest way to do so is purchasing leads for investment brokers from AccreditedInvestorLeads.com and start making dials.  These are quality leads and by working them regularly, you can schedule more appointments and meet more people.

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