Qualified Investor 5/21/19

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to accreditedinvestorleads.com. Qualified investor. You know, we get this qualified investor thing, we almost erased it from my database, we had a lawyer. Actually, he wasn’t a lawyer, he’s a CEO with a law degree, and all your definition on your website is wrong, and I’m saying like I copied it right off the security stage commission. They go, well, you’re causing a lot of problems because that’s their opinion and we have a different opinion. I’m not getting pulled into this opinion especially between the government and this one guy.

When you’re coming to my website, I can identify everything about you. I can tell how many times, how long have you been there, what’s your email addresses, what’s your IP addresses, where you are, even with VPN I’ll find you. The bottom-line is it’s the same guy over and over again. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s weird. So we took it down, we research it. We said, let’s make sure that this data this information we’re getting people on qualifies investor, it’s correct. We went right to the SCC, this time we put the SCC logo on top, we actually copied the page and just said hey, you know what guys, if you have a different opinion, you want the litigator with the government, leave me alone. I’m gonna go with the government’s definition.

We put it back up again this time with the actually copy of the NCC page, and they’re still banging away. I think we just blocked his IP. I don’t know why you want a mess with a qualified investor. A qualified investor supposedly is like a lawyer and accountant, he’s smart to do this thing even though he doesn’t make $200,000 a year.

Hey guys, this is really simple. When you’re doing private placement, accredited investor and all, keep simple stupid and just don’t bring anybody who is not accredited. Back in the old days, we had that 35 exemption. Open yourself up to an audit. Keep it simple stupid. It’s really easy, just stick to accredited investor. We know what an accredited investor is. Qualified investor is not an accredited investor. An accredited investor, $200,000 last two years, $300,000 combined with his wife, a million net worth not including his home, and experienced in managing his personal portfolio. Forget qualified investor, don’t use them. Do nothing but accredited, that’s my opinion.

Have a beautiful day, thank you for your time.