Private Placement Accredited Investor

Accredited Investor Leads offer many different lead options for all your business needs! We have been in the lead game for over 30 years specializing in accredited investors. While we have many different types of leads, in this article we will be talking about a private placement accredited investor?

private placement accredited investor

What is an accredited investor?

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defined an accredited investor as an individual with a net worth, or a joint or sole “accumulated annual income,” exceeding $200,000 at the time of deposit. In addition, you must have the financial ability to bear the risk of investing in securities at a loss if they are found to be unregistered or non-compliant. Many people mistakenly believe only someone making over six figures is considered an accredited investor.

How can an accredited investor help your business?

This is a question that most business owners ask when they want to use an accredited investor lead. This leads to a few questions that need to be answered. First what business are you in? Next, what is your target market? Lastly, how strong are your sales skills? This will help determine if you even need an accredited investor lead or not. If you are selling a product or service that does not require funding then maybe this is not for you.

Accredited investors always make a large difference to the company as they generate income for companies and allow important information about the company to be disclosed. They also make money for themselves by having an investment in a company regardless of the risk involved.

What is a private placement accredited investor?

These are accredited investors that have large amounts of disposable income and are willing to invest in the company. Private placement accredited investors invest in small companies that do not have any debt or a secondary offering. The most important thing about a private placement accredited investor is “if” they will invest in your company.

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