Lead Broker

Hi, everybody. Welcome to accreditedinvestorleads.com. Let’s talk about lead broker. I like to use the word ‘list’.

What is a lead broker?

A lead is a name, address and a phone number. I’m a broker, and that’s what I do for a living. I like to say list broker, because it sounds like I’m just selling one name at a time when I say lead broker. So list broker sounds better. I’m selling a number of those people. And this is an actual business.

What we do is we buy from various companies, especially with my experience of 27 years in business, I’ve got a clientele. I’m well known in the industry, and when somebody wants to sell a list, they come to me. They usually go ahead and send me their phone numbers alone. I take a look at what I own, what I don’t own, what’s on the litigator’s list, what’s on the troublemaker list, how many are in Pennsylvania. I’ll never sell you Pennsylvania, Alabama, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii; I just won’t sell you those lists, cause I want that checkbook open.

I don’t want you to have regulatory problems. And I don’t care how clean you are, Pennsylvania is just gonna always cause a problem. We don’t sell Pennsylvania. We just won’t sell it to ya. We tell people no. So, this is what we do- we put together these files. We get ‘em, and then we take a look at what we call the Village Bike. The guys out in California and Illinois, they sell that Kentucky fried turkey. And I’m not slinging mud guys. It’s that old FNIN, same names over and over again.

I’m a one-man operation. I’m good, but how many times can I sell a list? Those get a hold of a list and it’s Kentucky fried turkey. In one week, that list is smashed, and you know what, I have 300,000 of those leads. And if you really wanna buy that stuff, instead of buying them from me, come to me. I’ll sell it to you 10,000 for a quarter. You buy 50,000, you can have ‘em for 7 and a half cents. My stuff is the PP Crème. They are a dollar apiece; they are from my people. 95/ 90% of my stuff no one has. They’re coming from my people.

When they say, ‘John, you’re the only guy I’m selling them to’, believe it or not, they do that. They stick to their guns. And then I’ve got the Big Dogs. There’s a woman out in California; she’s got the Big Dogs, some stupid gambling list. There used to be a guy in Boynton Beach that had the bi—It’s flattery when somebody bootlegs a branded lead that you sell. The Big Dogs are the best leads out there. I mean the Big Dogs are quarter million minimum. They have five million in invest-able assets.

So, if you’re looking for accredited investors, qualified accredited investors, or precious metals buyers, numismatic coins buyers, that’s all I sell. I don’t sell anything else. I don’t do none of the cockroach deals. We don’t do the scam deals. All we do is accredited investor, because the guy’s a millionaire and hopefully he’s sophisticated enough to be able to know what the hell he’s doing. And, of course, the precious metals, I like because it’s a tangible. They’re getting something.

They get to look; if they don’t like it, they get to send it back within seven days. I’m looking to protect my people. And, you know what, when you sell that other kinda stuff, it’s pretty much open to get ripped off, so I stick with the deals that are brokers, people that are selling numismatic coin or selling a bullion, and they’re actually getting a product. The worst scenario is maybe they mark it up too high, but at least they’re getting the intrinsic value of the precious metal, or the intrinsic value of that coin. It’s still a one-ounce coin, and it still has one ounce of gold or silver or whatever.

So, if you’re looking for a list broker or a lead broker, that’s what I am. I’ve been doing this 27 years. My name is John Fischer. I have an A+ rating, and guess what, zero complaints, so I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time, but I fix ‘em. You got a problem? I’ll fix it, and believe me, it’s all about satisfying.

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