Hedge Fund Leads

Hi everybody, welcome to accreditedinvestorleads.com! Hedge fund leads: yes we do have them and you know what, we are limited to two files and only two files. I’m going to tell you something if you’re looking for these types of leads you got to remember something, the security exchange commission has a strict rules about hedge funds and what we call qualified accredited investors.

If you’re doing a master private placement that’s the one where you require a quarter million dollar minimum and at least five million in investable assets, you have to use qualified accredited investors. Again, hedge funds require the same exact thing, extraordinary risk and you have to have people that can handle that kind of risk so you need people that have at least quarter million dollars in investable assets, excuse me quarter million dollars ready to go. They have at least five million in investable assets. 

The two files that we have are the big dogs. Big dogs come from one of the biggest oil and gas guys in the country. They went ahead and bought people with contacts 5 million plus in annual sales and pretty much that is the sweet spot where you get a guy that’s got that kind of money especially if he owns the company. So they prospect the guy they make sure he’s got at least a quarter million dollars and they did quite well they’re called big dogs they have their own website bigdogs.tv

The second file we have for this particular category is pretty much like generic cell phone numbers. Again we’re looking for 5 million plus annual sales going under the assumption that you know they’re gonna you know be qualified accredited keep in mind the big dogs came from those. So the big dogs used to be five dollars they’re down to a dollar a piece now that other file that we used to prospect and sell to them there’s maybe 270,000 cell numbers which is tough to find for a business type lead. 

We’ll scrub the business is exempt you don’t have to worry about scrubbing again we’ve been in business 32 years we have an A+ rating if you have any questions about hedge fund leads feel free to call me john fisher 561-239-0364.