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Hi my name is John Fisher, welcome to Let’s talk about franchise lead. I’ve been getting franchise leads for quite some time. You see we’re not doing franchise. My job for you is to identify a guy who is liquid and guy who is riskily requesting information, and hopefully not everybody in their model especially in the west coast, the village bike is selling. So I diversified, that’s why I involved a lot of stuff. I told you about that real gold file that I have that’s real estate, some other verticals. The franchise stuff is great because you look at a $100,000 franchise, when you realize he has to work 24 hours a day, he says now that’s enough for me, and then what happened? I found out that I have a date stamp a timestamp I have an email, and most of the time I know not specifically what the franchise was, but I do know what the minimum qualifier was. So he’s got $100,000 to buy wendies or whatever, and I sell you that lead and you try to sell $100,000 oil and gas deal which is passive as opposed to if he was involved, he had to work 28 hours a day. The bottom-line is that you are interested. Let me tell you, a lot of my oil and gas guys prefer the franchise leads. I just picked up 3,400 2019. I got another 12,000  that are 18s and 19s. I must have 25,000 on my database. You know what, they’re great alternative. Hey, if you’re doing franchise, god bless you, there’s not a lot of franchise people out there that buy and a few that do buy are not really, in my opinion, it’s a whole different animal, and then I close is like what I’m used to. Take some months and months to close some guy. It’s a fresh source of opt in, fresh data, qualified data, verified data, that no one else has out there. Again, a good database. If you’re looking for franchise leads, we’re the guys, Again, we’ll scrub against the litigators, if you have a stand number, we’ll go ahead and scrub your leads for you. If you don’t have a stand number, we’ll get you one. If you don’t want a stand number, you’ll sign my indemnity form. We will not sell you Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota North Dakota Hawaii. Why? All are regulated pain in the ass, no matter how good you are, you’re guilty to prove innocent and we’ve just added California, California wants to regulate my industry and it’s not happening. California leads don’t import to me, so we no longer sell California leads in effective January 22nd 2020. So good luck California. You guys have any questions, call me 561-239-0364, have a beautiful day and God bless.

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