Find Accredited Investor Leads

If you are looking for accredited investor leads you can purchase them at  Whenever you look for a lead list, it is important to narrow down your requirements as much as possible.  That way you will be able to reach prospects that are most likely to be interested in your offering.

Before you order your lead list consider the following:

  • What geographic area are you targeting?  Depending on how you structure your private offering will determine, in part, what area of the country you should target.  For example, with an intrastate offering you can only work with investors that are located within the same state as the business.  If you are looking to raise money for a business in a localized industry, you should also stick with investors that would be familiar with that local issue.
  • Demographics.  It is important to consider the demographics that you want to target for prospective investors.  Ask your team if your product, service, or opportunity would appeal more the men or women.  Is there a specific age group that would get excited about your opportunity?  For example, if you are raising money for an emerging industry you should target people that statistically are more open minded towards new trends.

By building an ideal investor profile, you can attempt to match your lead list as closely as possible to your ideal investor.  This will save you time and energy when speaking with people and help you to increase your closing ratios.

You can also find accredited investor leads within your local community.  Start by making presentations at your local Angel Investment Club.  The people that belong to it are mostly accredited investors that are interested in investing in local companies.  At times, there may be a small fee to present but you will have the opportunity to make a live presentation to a room full of investors.

Networking is another way to find accredited investor leads.  Speak with your local bankers, lenders, CPA’s, and financial advisers about your particular investment opportunity.  Talk about your industry and the future of it while helping them to understand why your investment opportunity is so exciting.  While they may not be able to invest, they may have clients that can and would be interested. Ask for them to introduce you to other people that they know.  Set up face to face meetings for investor presentations.

Every time you meet with a prospective investor, or have a good conversation over the phone, ask if they know anyone else that would be interested in your opportunity.  Investors themselves can be a great source of leads.  They often share information within their own community and when one investor is excited you could get other ones excited through their personal recommendations.

To get started, simply contact to order your accredited investor lead list.  Develop a script and start making calls.  Use these introductory calls to get people interested enough to want to view your material and make an appointment.

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