Building Your Database

An Accredited Investor Database can help you to raise money for your private offering.  When using Regulation D to raise capital, you need to be able to reach accredited investors that may be interested in your unique opportunity.  One of the greatest challenges that a company has is locating these investors.  Those working with a broker dealer may benefit from their established connections, which can make it easier to raise funds.  The challenge, however, is that they will typically take a fee and commission, pricing themselves out of the market for smaller companies.

If you are raising money for your private offering without the help of a broker dealer, you need access to an Accredited Investor Database.  Fortunately, you can purchase accredited investor leads from  This is a great starting point because it gives you the ability to contact investors.

The key to building a solid Accredited Investor Database is being able to refine the information and categorize it for future use.  When you order your lead list start by putting demographic and geographic qualifiers on the list.  For example, if you are promoting an opportunity that would most likely appeal to the over 60 crowd, ask for a lead list of older accredited investors.  By putting these qualifiers onto your lead list, you can create a database of investors that can be sorted based on their likelihood to invest in each type of transaction.

When you start making investor calls, keep detailed notes of the conversation.  Learn about prospective investors, what they like, what they are interested in, what their risk tolerance is, and if they are actively investing.  You can gather a lot of information by asking open ended questions and listening for ques.  For example, an investor may ask if you have hear of a recent technology or an oil and gas deal.  These types of questions will give you an idea about their interest and how they feel about certain types of transactions.  You will learn the most about an investor by engaging them in conversation, then listening.

Place the information you have gathered into your Accredited Investor Database.  You can use a sales tracking system or a robust excel sheet.  When you learn about your investors, you can create alerts and reminders to contact them if a particular opportunity arises.  This will save you time and money in the future, by allowing you to connect with prospects faster.   It can also save you time by telling you who not to call.  For example, if you contact an investor about an opportunity in consumer goods and they tell you they only like to invest in real estate, you can make a note to only call them about real estate transactions.  This prevents you from wasting time and making a potential investor angry.

When you have an investor on the phone, ask them if they know of anyone else that may want to learn about your private offering.  In other words – ask for referrals.  You may be surprised at how many people will be willing to share their excitement with friends and family.  If you ask for a referral during every interaction, you will build a larger Accredited Investor Database in no time.

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