Accredited Investor List 5/21/19

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to At, we have accredited investor list. How do you think I feel making these videos? The same keywords. But that’s how we identify you, that’s how you guys come to me.

Through Google, I’m looking for such and such, I gotta use that word. This is what Search Engine Optimization looks like. So what is accredited investor list? A list is a bunch of accredited investor. Name, address, and phone number, email, depending on what that data has on that list when I bought it. A list could be 1,000 2,000 5,000 10,000 whatever.

So what is an accredited investor? We’ve done this before. $200,000 income, a million net worth not including his home, experienced in managing their personal portfolio, they make sure they have 25,000 to 50,000 minimum, investor risk capital, and they received the private placement memorandum. If you’re looking for accredited investor leads list, database, we got it at $0.50 a piece for 5,000 2,500 for 12.50.

If you have a san number, we’ll scrub. You don’t, we’ll show you how to get one. If you don’t wanna get a san number, you’ll sign my indemnity form. What else? We have the professional litigators, 1.3 million, you’ll never pay for those, we get rid of those guys. Those guys are bad news.

You get a chance, get an education because the broker ain’t gonna tell you because he’s not spending the money I’m spending to keep those guys out of the leads and your coin. DNC litigators. Actually one law firm that I think did 32 million just grabbing from guys like you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, John Fisher, 561-981-8777, have a beautiful day, thanks for your time.