Accredited Investor Database 5/21/19

Hi, my name is John Fischer, welcome to If you’re looking for accredited investor database, we got it. What’s a database? Database is just a bunch of leads or a list of leads. We have probably 1.5 million accredited investor in our database.

What is an accredited investor? $200,000 income last two years, million net worth not including his home, experienced in managing his personal portfolio. Ours are qualified 25 to 50 or maybe $100,000 and they received a private placement memorandum.

If you’re looking for accredited investor database which is the same thing as accredited investor leads, or the same thing as accredited investor lead list. It’s all the same guys. We have accredited investor database, the best in the country. $0.50 a piece, 5,000. If you buy 2,500 we drop to 12.50. We have 1.3 million DNC litigators. Those are bad news people. They’ll blackmail you, they’ll make your life miserable.

If you have a san number, we scrub them. If you don’t have a scrub number, we’ll show you how to get one. No Pennsylvania Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama. If you’re doing oil & gas, no Colorado, and precious metal guys, you’re not getting any Minnesota, you don’t wanna be there.

I’ve been doing this for 29 years A+ one-man operation plus my supports. I consider myself the best in the industry, we have the best database. You don’t get that village biker Kentucky fried turkey that we get on the west coast. The one guys out of business now, and now they’re on that database which is really… I mean the village bike has been written by everybody. By the way, we have those. I got a million of it. 50,000, I’ll sell you $0.07 apiece. You have any questions, call me. 561-981-8777, have a beautiful day and god bless.