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Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by John Fischer

Hi my name is John Fisher, welcome to I wanna talk about real estate investor and real estate investors. I’m not gonna do two videos with little s. We have a dynamite database for the real estate investors. I’m gonna tell you first of all, 90% of my data is only gas, and you know what? The go-to investment after oil & gas for most of my oil and gas stuff happen to be real estate. But a couple years ago, I happened to get my hands on a huge opt in database is one of the biggest real estate investment networks, and the data was great. I got 40,017 40,018 2018. And what we have is first name last name, email, we have the IP address, cell phone number. He checked off 100,000, he checked he was accredited, and 42-minute webinar on how to take advantage of profit from the real estate market. It’s a freaking home run. No one has it in the country, really this time, really. I’m the only guy has them. The good news about this database is that you’ll see real estate agents in there, you’ll see flippers in there. That’s a problem, let me know. I’ll pull them out for you, I’ll give you credit for them. It’s the real deal. A lot of my testimonials have a lot of information on people that don’t well with them. By the way, we found out that this database is not just good for real estate investors, but it’s good for bitcoin it’s good oil and gas, it’s good for all kind of different type of deal. These guys are investors, they’re not normal older guys pretty tunnel vision when it comes to investment. These are very hit pretty savvy, they’re into bitcoin into marijuana and so on. So accredited investors and definitely great for real estate deals, but you know what, they’re just investors. They actual father name is PP Crema 50 cents a piece, 5,000 $2,500. 2,500 for 12.50. We pull out the 1.3 million litigators that we have accumulated on the years. We will not sell you Pennsylvania no Montana South Dakota North Dakota, and guess what, we just added California, they came up with some rule where they want regulate me and my industry, and it’s not happening, I’m just not selling California. I don’t like California anyway. You have any questions, feel free to call me Slide into the ocean… we’re talking about my personal views today. 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and thank you.

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