Real Estate Investor List

Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to I’m the owner of the company and I want to talk about a real estate investor list. A lot of times when a customer will call me and ask me for a particular type of lead they’ll say we’re doing this we’re doing that you know movie attack deal oil and gas or whatever. We usually go ahead and assume that because the guy went through the private placement memorandum criteria vetted by the broker-dealer.

If you’re looking for a real estate investor list and we happen to have a pure real estate database it’s what we call a vertical so that’s as good as it gets. I’ve got an unnamed social media platform, the biggest real estate investment network that’s out of this world.

Any disconnect wrong numbers of course we replace two for one but what’s beautiful about that database is that it’s a targeted database specifically for real estate. Now the only thing negative about the file is there are real estate agents in there and there are also flippers in there which tells you you’re in the hot spot and that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. If you’re sensitive to those two just mark them real estate market flippers and I’ll replace them one for one. We call it real gold it’s the baddest best real estate database in the country so remember if you’re looking for real estate investor lists or leads we got them. Any questions feel free to call me at 561-239-0364. If you have a san number we will scrub, if you don’t have a san number I’ll get you one, if you don’t want a san number we’ll do the indemnity. Have yourself a beautiful day and God bless.