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Last Updated on August 30, 2022 by John Fischer

Welcome to, precious metal leads are what we do. When I put this company together in the beginning we asked, how do we protect these people? Because it’s a big responsibility selling names, addresses, and phone numbers to people so I decided to go strictly with accredited investors. Why? Because they’re sophisticated. They make 200,000 a year, it’s got a million net worth, not including his home, I consider him sophisticated and intelligent enough to do his due diligence and protect himself.

The reason I sell precious metal leads is they’re getting intangible so the worst possible scenario is getting a silver eagle even if he paid 50 bucks and silvers at 20 he’s gonna get twenty dollars for that coin you know so I like the idea of selling leads to a deal that’s tangible. So if you’re looking for precious metal leads we’ve got a really good database. We’ve got the actual numismatic coin buyers, we’ve got the bullion buyers and we’ve got the ira buyers.

We do have 1.4 million professional troublemakers and litigators and that helps a lot. Hey, I also care about you because I’m not selling you Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama and California. The bottom line is these are problematic states, I personally rather not do business in those states because I don’t want the headaches. They could regulate the rest of the list brokers that don’t comply with the state laws. I’m a nice guy and I want to keep your checkbook open for me not regulators and lawyers again thank you for your time have a 561-239-0364 day and god bless.

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