Precious Metals 5/21/19

Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to Precious metals, very broad very vague keyword, but that’s why I attracted you guys. That’s what we do, that’s what we market. By the way, we’ve got concio jessio services and we do a dynamite job, look at our website, look at our rankings. Problem is our best customers. We have that time and take a new business, but we know the game and we never ever do pay per click. Let’s get back to precious metals. What we sell is people that have bought numismatic coins. I’ve got about 100,000. I got people that in 2018, direct mailed radio TV on numismatic coins. Ridiculous responsive database. I’ve sold one all time 30,000 numbers 30,000 for direct mail, and they are super, I’m telling you man, the most responsive direct mail 45,000 leads you’ll never get your hands on. Then we also have the IRA stuff. Unfortunately, it’s older. That’s people that went under  in 2014 mostly people out in California, some of the people in Minnesota, all the leverage guys that supposedly promise 1% of response but didn’t do it, not the leverage, the IRA guys. If you’re looking for precious metals buyers or precious metals leads, we got them. A little secret, accredited investor leads like oil & gas guys are people that requested information about private placements are the best precious metal leads. They absolutely can afford the IRA deal, and the numismatic coins, my experience my guys are all shifting over to oil & gas stuff, barber coin back in many many years ago, built an empire of my oil & gas leads. Let me tell you, those guys were named by coins, they ain’t do $300 $500 $800 deals, they buy  substantial amounts, and they come back and they definitely buy… they absolutely enhance their portfolio, they buy a lot more. You may want in next door say John, I’m a precious metal stuff, I’ll take the coin buyers, I need direct mail stuff. I’m just kinda curious about the oil and gas stuff, let’s talk about that and how we do that, and I’ll show you. Prices are $5,000.50. 1,000 minimum $1 a piece, you catch me in a good mood, I’ll do 2,500 for 12.50, that’s a win-win for both of us. I scrub against the do not call if you have a stand number, I have 1.3 million DNC litigators. You don’t know what that is, your list broker never told you about a DNC literature, google it, those guys are bad news. They’ll blackmail you, they’ll make your life miserable. I did it because you know what, I sell one of those to one of you guys and you make my life miserable like I planned my list, or I somehow knew how to filter them out. I can’t guarantee how to pull those out. But by taking out 1.3 million, so far in 15 years, I’ve done a pretty good job. If you have any question, feel free to call me, no Pennsylvania, worst state ever for precious metal. 561-239-0364.