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Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by John Fischer

Hi everybody, my name is John Fisher, welcome to What we’re gonna talk about today, my short term memory, is oil and gas investors. We started this company 30 years ago. By the way, we’re on our 30th year, it’s a miracle, the 31th of January 2020 happy new year. That short period of time, already forgot what we were talking about. Oil and gas investors. We started the actual business on that, on the oil and gas industry. Initially what we did was we’ve bought private placement memorandum recipients or pretty much what they are is they’ve been vetted by the broker dealer, he’s been qualified for 25 to $50,000, he’s been given the definition of accredited investor, and of course  you get spilled private placement memorandum. To me that’s the hardest lead you’re gonna get, why? You may say this why would I qualify somebody else’s angy paper, what do we call angry paper. They’re prospected and then they didn’t become a deal. Number one, 20% are brokers while 80% in business. So that’s not me. That 80% of the paper was never closed properly, yes it does. I could tell you from my personal experience that any firm I ever went to, I told them right upfront, I own the paper 60 days, and you know what, I didn’t have to work that hard. I go with the paper, I find out the objection. If it was properly qualified paper, and you know what, I save myself a lot of time make a lot of money, we at have been using that model and it’s worked like a champ. Recently, we did get some opt in stuff. I’ve got about 80,000 leads, date stamp timestamp bottom, 100,000 qualified. Kind of experiment and the reason why I’ve bought that is because no one else was having them. It’s nice to have that no other competitors, and I’m telling no other competitors in the country have it. They may have a few thousands. I sold that to some body, they were out of money, they gave it to somebody else. I gotta tell you something. On a scale one 1 to 10, I put all my oil and gas stuff including the client list of the guest, anybody’s database. We have the village bike, which is 50 cents for 10,000 a dime for 2,500. That’s all the stuff in the west coast. We make sure the phone numbers ring. We’ve got the [00:02:27.24] those are 50 cents apiece. We’re doing 2,500 minimum 12.50, and then we have the opt in stuff that we’re talking about. We call it real go, and it happens to be good for real estate, good for bitcoin, good for marijuana, and good for oil and gas, and those are 50 cents apiece, again, 2,500 at 12.50. If you have any question, feel free to call me. We do have client list, we got a couple of them recently, we got 168 people put into 32 million. I got another one 600 people put in $30 million. We have our own internal 1.3 million litigators. These are trouble makers. If you have a sand number, we’ll scrup your leads for you. We no longer sell California leads. No Pennsylvania Montana South Dakota North Dakota, Hawaii. If you have any question feel free to call me, John Fisher,, 561-239-0364

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