Oil and Gas Investors List

If you are looking for an oil and gas investors list, Accredited Investor Leads has got you covered! We have been in the lead business for over 30 years specializing in accredited investors.

What are oil and gas investors?

Accredited investors are those individuals considered to be financially sophisticated with a high net worth. The definition of an accredited investor is as follows: with a high annual income, $200,000 for individuals and $300,000 for couples; with a net worth of at least $1 million excluding their primary residence; or else they must be a general partner, executive officer, board member or an employee with control over the company’s finances and business decisions.

A list of oil and gas investors is useful for many reasons, including:

A list of oil and gas investors will help facilitate finding the right investor for your oil and gas deal. The more contacts you have with potential investors, the easier it will be to find a solid match. How can an oil and gas investor list help you?

An oil and gas investor list can give you an idea of how much funding your deal will likely need to be successful. This is because the oil and gas investment community is segmented into different groups, each with different levels of investment. For example, you should know your project can benefit from angel investors, who are individuals who invest in early-stage companies. If your project is still in the development phase, you may be able to get started with seed investments, which are smaller sums of money compared to later-stage financing. The more contacts you have for oil and gas investor lists, the more easily you will find angel investors or seed investments that fit your needs.

We started this company back in 1990. We were pretty much nothing but oil and gas leads back in those days. Fast forward 31 years and the majority of our business still happens to be oil and gas investor lists and I got to tell you that the leads work very well.

These investor lists especially the oil and gas the beautiful thing is they have been mailed a private placement memorandum they’ve been vetted. They’ve asked them are you an accredited investor? Do you have at least a million net worth not including your home? Do you make at least 1n million years for the last two years? Do you have 25 to 50,000 liquid risk capital?  

You call the shots on the portfolio and then they mail them a private placement memorandum so how much better does it get than that? If you have a san number we’ll clean the leads for you if you don’t have a san number we’re not going to clean your leads. You have to have a san number. If you don’t want to get a san number you’ll sign my indemnification.

It’s pretty crazy there are 4 million people on a do not call it’s unbelievable. We have a litigators list and these are professional litigators they’re the real troublemakers. We’ve been accumulating those names for a long time. We have the largest list in the country1.3 million troublemakers and they try to blackmail you. It’s terrible what they do. I’ve helped a couple of my clients the few that have gotten problems not from my leads because I scrub them all the time. That’s really important to get all the troublemakers out of the leads.

With AccreditedInvestorleads.com’s oil and gas investor list, it will be simple to find the right investor to meet your goals. Our list is 100% verified, updated consistently, and covers most of the US. Contact us today to learn more about our oil and gas investor list and other lead options!