Hi, my name is John Fisher, welcome to accreditedinvestorleads.com. Oil & gas investor, this company was founded 29 years ago. Actually started off this federal union, then we changed their name.

Quick story. Watching the Super Bowl, these guys getting into the internet 15 years ago, Info USA is running a 1-minute spot on Super Bowl for $1 million, and I was jealous. He said to me, listen, next year, we’re gonna build your website, we’re gonna actually take advantage of these guys $1 million, and you’re gonna make a lot of money.

I said show me how to do that. You said to me, what’s the first thing you’re gonna wake up in the morning on Monday or Super Bowl about this particular ad, sales leads. Where did you see it? On TV. I got the URL for you, salesleads.tv. We built salesleads.tv, next year, Info USA does million dollar advertising, and I think we got 600 clients that day, and he was pissed that had some big problems, elegantly installed… anyway.

When I realized the power of the internet, then I realized how these things work. That was amazing. We started this company. I got all track, easy for me. Oil & gas investor, that’s where you found the company on. All we have is oil & gas companies and all we did was trade with accredited investors. Most of oil & gas guys on participation they don’t do anymore, are doing private placement.

If you’re looking for oil & gas investors, we’re all about, our database 90% of it is oil & gas investors. They have gone through the vetting process, are you accredited, you make $200,000 a year, have you got a million net worth not including your home, you got experienced, have you got 25 to 50 as a comfortable level, and they mail them private placement memorandum on an oil drilling venture. You wanna buy those kinda leads? We got them, 29 years, $0.50 apiece for 5,000, that’s $2,500.

If I’m in a good mood, I’ll sell you 2,500 for 12.50, that’s a nice deal for you. If you have a san number, we’ll scrub you. If you don’t have a san number, we’ll show you how to get one. If you don’t want to get a san number, you’ll sign my indemnity. We gotta go ahead and scrub for the 1.3 million professional litigators for free.

What’s a professional litigators? Ask the broker if you’re buyer a list from right now, I’m show you what kind of service is really doing you. This is 1.3 million people that have do not call on their throw away cell phone leaving messages on your phone, you’re calling them back, dial for you to call them so that they can sue you.

Let me tell you man, it’s almost blackmail. It will make your life miserable. I’ve had some of my strongest clients calling me up from some other broker never scrub your stuff and ask me to coach them on how to get out of that mess. Let me tell you, it’s blackmail stuff guys. But if you go to court, you’re gonna lose. Even if the guy leaves the message, you call them back because you didn’t check that number for the do not call, and it’s a business call, you’re gonna get mailed with that fine, and the judge is gonna do these guys a favor. Amazing!

You want these guys off your list. I got 1.3 million, I charge 0. How come your list broker doesn’t buy that list? Anything else, no Pennsylvania, no Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Ohio, Alabama. If you’re doing oil & gas, no Colorado. Those guys just hate oil & gas stuff.

If you’re doing numismatic coins, I’m always talking about oil & gas investors. Obviously, we know a lot, we’ve been doing this for a long time. We got an A+ rating, I’m the honor, one-man operation, Angie is my right-hand woman, Sergio takes care of my website, and that’s it. Then you know Kentucky fried turkey and the guys on the west coast that hammer those leads. Village bike, you want those kinda leads, 50,000 $0.07, I have a million of them. Kentucky fried turkey village bike, they’re written by everybody, that’s not what we sell.

You have any questions, call me, 561-981-8777, have a beautiful day.