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Last Updated on March 6, 2023 by John Fischer

HI Everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Accredited Investor Lead list for sale. So what’s a list? A list is a number of leads. What’s a lead? A name, address and a phone number. So lead list for sale.

If you’re wondering, why is it that I talk about those words every time I shoot one of these videos? These are what we call keywords. So I am addressing you your request. When you go to Google, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn or whatever, and in the search engine box, you punch in Accredited Investors, or in this particular case, you punch in Lead List for Sale.

And then what we do is we come back and we give you the actual information on that. So we sell leads. We sell investor leads we sell accredited investor leads So what we sell is people that have been vetted by a broker dealer and mailed a private placement memorandum.

So that’s our accredited investor leads. And we also have clients, people that have bought private placements. Those are $5 a piece. The prospects are fifty cents a piece. And then we sell numismatic coin buyers.

And they’ve all bought a coin. And those costs anywhere from a dollar to $0.50. Again, with volume, we drop down in prices. But they’re dynamite. They definitely, definitely are dynamite. If you have any questions at all and you’re looking for any kind of lead list for sale, feel free to call me at 561-239-0364.

Have a beautiful day. God bless.

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