Gold Leads

Hi Everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to accredited Let’s talk about gold leads. We have people that buy precious metals, whether it be gold eagles, whether it be silver eagles.

In this particular case, how I pick these words. It’s what we call a keyword. And we pick them because if we take a look at a study of who goes to google and what words they punch in and what they’re looking for, that’s how how we base our SEO, our search engine optimization.

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Take a look at toys for There’s one of them, immuneshield TV. There’s another one, and there’s a couple of other, which I okay, I’ll give it to you. Toys for big girls So anyway, let’s get back to gold leads.

These are people that are either buying numismatic coins, or they’re buying the gold eagles just for the weight, the bullion, or they’re buying bars of gold or whatever. The majority of my leaves happen to be confirmed buyers of a gold coin, you know, and whether it’s got, you know, the pcgs, ms 70 or ms 69 or 65 or it’s just a plain old gold eagle, and it’s just in a role or whatever, that’s what these people sell.

So if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to call me Um, your gold lead supplier 561-239-0364.