Gold and Coin Buyers

Gold and Coin Buyers

Numismatic Coin

Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to I’m going to talk about gold and coin buyers and right now it’s crazy. Last month we had a record-breaking month and the majority of the people that are buying are numismatic coin guys. I mean the oil and gas guys were decimated. I got about three or four accounts, big accounts thank god.

The numismatic coin guys and the precious metal guys are really doing well and we’ve got some dynamite leads man. We’ve got one particular file that’s strictly tv, it’s sixteen thousand. I have another one that I just bought and I cleaned up, you know we verified their numbers. We do the best we can when we verify numbers we listen for the

intercept operator and the telecoms do the best they can. Sometimes you’re going to still get wrong numbers because the number was reassigned to somebody else and then it’s not disconnected it’s just the wrong person. 

Anytime you get a disconnected number or a wrong person or anything like that it’s two

for one. We have another file that’s really hot and that particular file happens to be a numismatic coin network so it’s cable tv. All about numismatic and its dynamite. Prices are 50 cents apiece and you know if you do quantity I’ll give you a better price on them. As I said before, I’m sitting on uh a lot of good stuff over 60,000 leads and again you could use them for gold. Whether it’s IRAs or you could use them for coin buyers, numismatic coin buyers you know whatever the case may be.

Remember if you are looking for numismatic coin leads we’ve got a lot of

Them. They work for gold ira and specifically coin buyers numismatic coin buyers etc. If you have any questions feel free to call me. They’re 50 cents apiece $2,000 minimum. We’ll give you a volume if you go ahead and we’ll give you a better price if you do some volume 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.