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Numismatic Coin Buyers

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to We don’t only sell accredited investors. We happen to sell coin investors, numismatic coin buyers, whatever the word you’re trying to use. We sell those, and we have 50,000 of ‘em. They’re a dollar apiece, and the beautiful thing about numismatic coin buyers or coin buyers is that if you sell ‘em something that someone else is not offering ‘em, they’re gonna buy. It’s the only list, the client list, that you can sell a couple of times and not really hurt the list. You have one guy selling the silver eagle. The other guy’s selling the Buffalo once ounce, or he’s selling a $10 gold piece or the Saint Gaudens or the high-relief Saint Gaudens, talk about stuff that’s unusual, and that you have something special. I know my safe has the Saint Gaudens high-reliefs. I love that. I got the one ounce of Silver Eagles. Whenever I have some spare cash, I dumb a hundred dollars into that into my safe. I love the precious metals market. We have 50,000 of ‘em. And I’ll tell you what, you’ll have a lot of success with those leads. They’re a dollar apiece. If we do quantity, I’ll increase it, but any one of those types a leads you’re looking for, we have. Here’s the big secret- the accredited investors, which is my bread and butter, is really one of the best leads ever for numismatic coin buyers. I’m gonna tell you why- no one’s calling ‘em. And they’re qualified for 25,000 minimum. So if you’re sick and tired of calling the same leads over and over again and hearing, ‘Hey, 10th phone call I got today’, because, hey, I got 50,000 of ‘em. There’s a lot of guys out there. It’s hard to find a coin-buyer client list. There’s a lot of stuff floating around that’s stolen and that belongs to somebody who’s open. I won’t do that. But, you know what, the oil-and-gas leads- a little bit of an education; they’ve got plenty of money, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You diversify; you step out of the box, and you’ll see some big numbers because they don’t buy $800 deals. They’ll do 5/ 10/ 15/ 20,000 on the opener. If you have any questions, I’ll explain some more. It’s John Fischer- 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time, and God bless.

Saint Gaudins coins

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Accredited Investor Lists

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to

Let’s talk about accredited investor lists

Ok, so what’s accredited? Accredited is 200,000 income last two years, or 300,000 combined, a million net worth, not including their home, experience in managing their personal portfolio. We take it a step further. The people that we buy the leads from are broker-dealers. These are the people that they have mailed private placement memorandums to. So there’s a system that they do before they mail somebody a private placement. That’s why we love these leads. You guys are getting 20/ $30 leads for a dollar! I mean, it’s ridiculous. They’re given the definition of an accredited investor. The guys says yes. They ask him, ‘Is 25 to $50,000 a comfortable entry level?’ The guy says yes. Is it risk capital? The guy says yes. And then they mail them a private placement memorandum. So, you may say to yourself, why would I wanna buy someone’s paper that they mailed a private placement and they didn’t buy? First of all, oil-and-gas has been the worst as far as prices go lately. It’s tough to sell a market that goes up 25¢ and then comes slamming back down again. It’s just very, very tough to sell those markets. Oil has been really—I mean, I dunno where it’s at today, but I’ll tell ya, 30/ $40 oil is not easy to sell. Considering it used to be in the 80s, 90s and a hundred, you know. So, the beautiful thing, not so much my oil-and-gas guys is they became professional survey-takers, and they had to be super, super, super good to close people to buy oil at that kinda price. So all that paper we have that’s oil-and-gas, they busted their butts to qualify ‘em, and you get to buy ‘em for a dollar apiece.

Now, we do a twenty-five hundred dollar package for a 4/ 5 man operation- 625 times 4 different files. Each file has its own characteristics. Some rooms have dynamite qualifiers. Some rooms have great closers and the qualifiers aren’t that good. And when you put ‘em on the floor one at a time, you’ll see your boys will come back and say, ‘Hey, this is a good file, man. How many more of these does he have?’ ‘Hey, this is so so.’ Once in a blue moon, ‘Wow, these are real terrible. We called them all, and I’m telling you right now, they’re not really good.’ You call me back, ‘Hey, John. Here’s the score: we do like these; these are decent, but this one particular file sucked. And you said to me if something was really bad, you’d replace it. Replace this one like you said you would, and then let’s talk about buying some more next week.’ That’s how most of my conversations go. But usually, that bad file will last one, maybe two times and then I’m convinced it’s time to take it off line. Now, twenty-five hundred. You get 625 times 4. There’s your twenty-five hundred dollars. And now you get for free, for every thousand you spend, a hundred Big Dogs.

The Big Dogs are not just accredited; they’re qualified accredited. Quarter million minimum, five million in invest-able assets, comes from one of the biggest oil-and-gas guys in the country, strictly business to business, CEO’s and owners of businesses. And I’m telling you right now, if you go to the middle of the page and read the testimonials, you’ll see; don’t take my word for it. And the diverse deals, I mean, anything from art to hedge funds to stock, anything, the Big Dogs are dynamite.

If you have any questions at all, and you’re looking for accredited investor lists, gimme a call. 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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Investor Lists

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to I wanna talk about investor lists. That’s what we do is we sell investor lists but, again, I always let people know that if you specifically ask for ‘investor lists’, you gotta be careful because the people I deal with, most of ‘em, are doing private placements, and the term ‘investor list’ by itself is, yes, a number of different people that are looking to invest in anything from the stocks to precious metals to mutual funds, IRAs, you know, whatever. It’s kind of a vague keyword, what we call keywords- the words people use to find, you know, products through the search engines. I would be cautious and make sure that whatever investment you’re doing doesn’t have requirements, such as crowd funding, you know, they have to be accredited. The private placements need to be accredited. Whether it’s a Reg D 504/505/506 B , or the brand new one- which you’re allowed to solicit; don’t have to wait for the pre-existing relationship- the Reg D 506 C . That one, you have to be accredited, so if you’re looking for investor lists, make sure that you specify, ‘Hey, by the way, they have to be accredited.’ If you have any questions, please call me- 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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Precious Metals Leads

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to We sell accredited investors, and we also sell qualified accredited investors, but we also sell precious metal leads. And we have people that—Everything I sell is clients. I like, in that arena, to only sell people that have bought. A check-writer will write again. And something very unusual about precious-metal buyers is they’ll buy again, they’ll buy again, they’ll buy again. I like the numismatic coin, but we’ll talk about that later on. We have these people, these precious metal buyers that have bought IRAs, and they work very, very well. A big secret that none of you people that are looking for precious metal buyers is for seven years, I took care of one of the biggest guys in Minnesota, and all he bought from me was oil-and-gas leads, and let me tell ya, he wrote so much business, and he didn’t do 500/ $800 deals. He did $25,000 deals. Oil-and-gas leads, accredited investors, are the best possible lead you could ever use for the precious metals market. So, when you call me, yeah, we have some list of people that have bought in the past, but I’m gonna tell you right now, if you want a list that no one else has, and there are so many guys selling precious metals, and such few precious metal leads. If you step out of the box, and you buy those accredited investors, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They’re a dollar apiece, both ones we’re talking about and, believe me, I’ll guide you and show you exactly which of those leads to buy. And you’ll see. You’ll get a lot of action and won’t have a lot of competition. If you have any questions, call me- John Fischer- 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

Qualified Accredited Investors

Hi, everybody. John Fischer. Welcome to Qualified accredited investors or investor. What are qualified accredited investors? The regular private placement is based on the guy being accredited- 200,000 in income for the last two years, 300,000 combined, a million net worth, not including their home, experience in managing their personal portfolio, and they’re asked, ‘Hey, is 25 to 50,000 a comfortable entry level?’ The guy says yes. And they mail ‘em a PPM.

The qualified accredited investor is for hedge funds and for what we call master private placements. They go under the same rules. They’re only allowed to accept quarter million dollar units, and the people must have five million in invest-able assets. We call those the Big Dogs. It’s a brand. We’re the only ones that have ‘em. They’re the best leads ever. If you take a look at the middle of the page, you’ll see the testimonials. And you can see, they work for a tremendous diversity of different types of products. That’s the only ones in the country. You’re not gonna be able to find it. If you punch into Google ‘qualified accredited investor’ or ‘investors’, good luck! I don’t think anyone out there carries ‘em but me. So, they’re the Big Dogs; they have their own website- They’re $5 apiece. For every thousand dollars you spend, you get a hundred Big Dogs for free, so you really have $3.33. Buy a small batch of ‘em. Buy twenty –five hundred dollars or two thousand, whatever you wanna do. When you come back, ‘Ok, John. Let’s do it. How many have you got in the last six months? If I buy ‘em all, what kind of price can you give me?’ Depending on how close we are to payroll, you’re gonna get a better price. And I’m not gonna tell you when my payroll is.
If you have any questions, call me- 561-981-8777., the home of the qualified accredited investors. Have a beautiful day, and God bless


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Real Estate Investor Leads for Your Private Placement

Real Estate Leads

You can use real estate investor leads to raise more money for your private placement. Real estate professionals and developers have experienced great success using Reg D private offerings to pool investment capital to purchase or build properties. Raising money from local investors is an excellent option for both the real estate professional and the investors themselves. Private offerings give the investor more control over the deal and the ability to vet each and every property before deciding to invest, an improvement from investing in REITs where properties are lumped together, and there is no ability to analyze each one.

Investors in real estate private placements, also have the opportunity to get to know the other owners and property manager. The additional communication ensures that investors are able to express their opinions and concerns to someone that is directly involved in the property, rather than simply managing the investor relationships. As a real estate professional, it is your job to communicate these benefits so that investors understand the value of participating in your opportunity.

In order to reach real estate investors, you need to have a way of obtaining real estate investor leads. You can purchase a current lead list from that can be narrowed down to your specific geographic area. This is ideal for professionals that want to work with local investors. If requested, the list can be national as well. By purchasing an up-to-date, qualified investor lead list, you will spend less time searching for leads and more time closing them.

When calling real estate investor leads, it is important to be the knowledge expert in what you are promoting. These investors are typically real estate savvy and have either owned, operated, or invested in real estate before. Expect them to ask detailed questions and use industry jargon that you would not hear from the average person. As such, you need to know the following prior to picking up the phone:

Real Estate Investor Leads for Your Private Placement

Real Estate Investor Leads for Your Private Placement

  • Type of real estate deal. Are you raising capital to acquire a property that has already been renovated and leased up? Are you planning to renovate the property and raise rents? Is this a brand new build? Tell the investor what type of real estate deal this is so they can understand what the process will look like.
  • Property type. Many real estate investors only invest in a particular property type or asset class. They stick with what they know because it is something they understand. If, for example, you are promoting a new industrial park you should know everything about that property type so that you can intelligently engage in conversation.
  • Know the market. You should study the market and understand current vacancy rates, price per square footage, maintenance cost, how long it takes to lease up a property, etc. The more you understand about the local market, the better. Remember, most states do not have one single market. For example, the vacancy rates in Miami will be extremely different from those in Sarasota.

Once you have studied the industry and the particular property you are promoting, it is time to pick up the phone. Call real estate investor leads and make your pitch. Answer questions with as much detail as possible and remember always to follow up in a timely fashion.

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How to Raise Money With Reg D and a Private Placement

Businesses need capital to survive and to grow.  Entrepreneurs, inventors, and real estate gurus all need to learn how to raise money in order to launch their next great idea.  The challenge is that the capital market is still tight.  Money isn’t flowing from banks fast enough to meet the needs and demands that private industry has.  With this in mind raising money through Regulation D and a private placement has been an ideal solution.  In fact, more money is raised through private placement offerings than on the stock market every year.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, inventor, or dabble in real estate, you can use private placement to learn how to raise money you need to fund your next great idea.  Here is what you need to know.

Regulation D is an Exemption from Registration

Inside the Securities and Exchange Act of 1933 are several exemptions from registration.  Registration is required for selling shares on the open market (stock exchange).  Regulation D is the most popular of these exemptions and allows businesses to raise capital, while following the SEC guidelines, but without going through the formalized process.  This saves companies time and money, enabling even start ups to raise capital when they could never afford to register to “go public”.

Rules Withing Reg D

There are several rules that govern Reg D and you have the ability to select the one that works for your business.  These include: Rule 504, Rule 505, Rule 506 (b), and Rule 506 (c).  Each one has set guidelines regarding how much money you can raise and who is able to invest in the deal. The rules will help you on how to raise money. They also have guidelines regarding the disclosures that you have to give to investors.  Rule 504 and Rule 505 tend to be more lenient but you are capped on your capital raise, where with Rule 506 you can raise whatever you need within a 12 month period.

Accredited Investors

Regulation D is primarily set up for companies to work with accredited investors, people that meet set income and asset standards. Accredited investors are deemed to be knowledgeable and be able to tolerate a financial loss if the investment doesn’t work out. Both Rules 504 and Rule 505 do allow for a limited number of non-accredited investors to participate but in Rule 506 the investors either need to be accredited or “sophisticated”.  Rule 506 (c) takes this one step further and only lets you accept investments from accredited investors.  When determining which rule you want to use it is important to consider who you will be accepting investments from.


You are only allowed to advertise private placements that are issued under Rule 506 (c).  That is why this particular rule has more guidelines and restrictions on who can invest.

Disclosures and Filings

You are required to complete a Form D electronically through the SEC’s EDGAR system.  Plan on a couple of weeks for this process to complete as you will need to get a couple different passwords.  This is all done online and needs to be completed within two weeks of selling your first share.  If you are using Rule 506 (c) it is important to note that you must file this before you start to advertise your offering.  If you don’t, this mistake could cost you the ability to raise capital for an entire year.

You can have a successful private offering by contacting accredited investors that are ready to invest.  You can purchase lists of accredited investors at