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Gold and Silver Leads

Gold and Silver Leads

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Gold and silver leads …are us! We do sell gold and silver leads and, let me tell ya, we have only buyers. You know, in some cases, we work with prospect sheets, you know, in the oil-and-gas industry, or any private placement. Prospects are really important. Client lists- the problem with oil-and-gas client lists: if the guy hits a dry hole, he feels he’s been done wrong; he’s been harmed. And that’s not the case; it’s part of the game.

But getting back to the gold-and-silver leads- we only have buyers. We have IRA buyers, we have numismatic-coin buyers.  There is a total of 50,000 of them all together. They have name, address, phone number. There’s emails. They have date stamps, time stamps. Now, remember, when you buy a client list, you don’t buy something that’s two-weeks old or two-months old or six-months old. If the company’s in business, we don’t buy the leads. When they go out of business is when we buy the leads. If the guy’s in business and we buy his leads, it could be trouble for you and trouble for me. Now, there are guys…certain circumstances where they do sell their databases. I have one particular one- he got into a fight with his partners and he sold his database. And, you know what, he shorted me badly, but I netted 42 hundred; it’s a real, real good file. I’ve got some real good stuff.

Education is Key

I have one particular file that we’re averaging 5%. Our customers are closing at least 5%. Accredited Investor Leads has some really, really good stuff, and we have some pretty big quantity. So, if you’re doing the IRAs or if you’re doing bullion, or if you’re doing numismatic coins, they’re a dollar apiece. I also have 50,000 of them.   I let you taste four different files, and I let you pick out which is the best. And then we give you these Big Dogs. You know, the big thing you guys all need to hear is that at one time I took care of the biggest guy in Minnesota. And he never bought one single gold and silver lead, never. All he bought was oil-and-gas, 25,000 minimum. Those guys buy much, much bigger orders.  You have to educate them.

You should take a look at my accredited investors for these precious-metals-type deals because it’s virgin territory. They are gonna do much, much bigger deals. Yeah, you may have to educate them, but why have to go up against so many different people?

If you have any questions, feel free to call me. It’s a good strategy- 561-981-8777. John Fischer. Thank you for your time, and God bless.

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Investors Lead, Leads, List, & Lists

What is the difference between an investor lead and list?

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to I wanna talk about ‘investor lead’, ‘investor leads’, ‘investor list’, ‘investor lists’. What is an investor lead or an investor list? An investor lead is name, address and phone number of a person who’s looking for information about some type of investment. A list is a number of those leads. So, a list would be a hundred, five thousand, two thousand. A lead would be one particular number, name address and phone number and, of course, leads is multiple.

What is an investor?

What is an investor? I mean an investor is someone that buys investments, whether it be gold, whether it be precious metals, whether it be real estate private placement, whatever it may be. It’s a very, very general term. And I wanna caution you that if you’re doing a private placement, you should insist on making sure the people are accredited.  Just an investor lead or an investor list and not specifically asking for ‘accredited’, you’re gonna have a problem. If you call those people up and you ask if they’re accredited, which is required for your particular type of investment, they’re gonna say no, and it’s gonna be problematic.

Because it’s a popular thing that we all punch into Google, Yahoo! or Bing, “Hey, I’m looking for investor leads” or ‘investor lists’ it’s not good enough, and you may have a problem with that. So, take a look at your investment. I mean, if you’re doing something that’s not a private placement, not a Reg D 504, 505, the Super A, or the 506 C, make sure that you specify that that investor lead or investor leads or investor list or lists must be accredited.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me-John Fischer: 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

gold and silver

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Accredited Investor Leads : Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Leads

Hey, everybody.  Welcome to  I am John Fischer.  I’m the owner. I want to talk about accredited investor leads oil and gas.  What’s an accredited investor lead?  An accredited investor made at least $200,000 income in the last two years, $300,000 combined, and a million net worth, not including his home.  They have experience in managing their personal portfolio and of course, they qualify them for $25,000 to $50,000.  That’s what an accredited investor is.

About our Leads

What’s an oil-and-gas lead?   An oil and gas lead is someone that is interested in some kind of a drilling venture, some kind of an oil-and-gas deal.  It could be a royalty deal, a secondary recovery or it could be wildcatting or it could be all of the above.  But when you’re specifically asking for ‘accredited investor leads in oil-and-gas, pretty much 90% of my leads come from that arena. What do I do?  I buy people that have been surveyed, qualified, and mailed a private-placement memorandum.  Ninety percent of the people I buy this stuff from oil and gas guys, so you’re right on target; you’re hitting it.  I mean that’s a super targeted lead.  That’s exactly what we’re giving you.  And the bottom line is these guys have been vested.  They’re looking to make their 10% commission; they’re looking to close the deal. So it’s not modeled information. Seven cent lead genie; it’s not some surveyed lead that some guy from the Philippines or Costa Rica call him up that can’t even speak English.  And he’s asking you what your net worth is and if you can afford $50,000. They aren’t real accredited investors.  I don’t give out private information and I’m an accredited investor.  How many credited investors do you know that give out that kind of information?  Those leads suck.  That’s not what you want.  You want a PP Crème- PP stands for private placement; crème stands for the cream of the crop.  They have names like Lava, Nuke, Titanium and Platinum.  We make up those names. There’s a marijuana deal out of Kentucky we call Kush.  That’s what you wanna buy, the PP Crème.

oil and gas rig

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me- John Fischer: 561-981-8777.  Thank you for your time, and God bless.

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Private-Placement Accredited Investor or Investors

Hi, everybody. John Fischer. Welcome to Let’s talk about private-placement accredited investor or investors.What’s a private placement?

A private placement is an investment vehicle. It’s a Regulation D as in dog. 504 is a million or less, 505- one to five million, 506- five million plus. Now, those have little ‘b’ as in boy. The new one that came out two Septembers ago which allows you to solicit. These 504, 505, 506 b as in boy, you had to have a pre-existing relationship. Now the 506 C says nothing about a pre-existing relationship. Lock and load. You get to call a guy up and mail him a private placement memorandum right away. So, all those are private placement; you just gotta be careful which one you’re doing.

What is an accredited investor?

Now, when you’re asking for accredited investors, we know what an accredited investor is. They’re someone that makes 200,000 a year for the last two years, has at least a million net worth—I need to get a parrot. Polly, what’s an accredited investor? Someone that makes 200,000 a year for the last two years, a million net worth, not including their home, experience in managing their personal portfolio. And, in our case, our leads are qualified 25 to $50,000 in risk capital. So if you’re looking for private placement accredited investors or accredited investors to use in your private placement, call me, John Fischer: 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time. God bless.

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Private Placement Salesleads

Hi, everybody. John Fischer. Welcome to Private placement sales leads. We all know what a private placement is. Reg D 504/ 505/ 506. B is the old one, little b; you have to have a pre-existing relationship with those people. You couldn’t solicit. The 506 C as in Charlie is the brand new one where you’re allowed to solicit. And that’s what a private placement is. A sales lead is the kind of lead you would use for that particular product.

Now, I wouldn’t use ‘private placement sales leads’ as a keyword. I mean I’m talking about it right now, but you gotta punch in that word ‘accredited’. Just make sure when you’re looking for private placement sales leads that you specify, ‘Hey, by the way, they must be accredited. Ok? I could only take accredited investors.’ And if you do that, you’re gonna be in pretty good shape. We have private placement sales leads. We call ‘em different things, but if you’re interested, and you have any questions, please feel free to call me: 561-981-8777.

Now, we sell ‘em for a dollar apiece, a thousand minimum if you’re a one or two-man operation. For every thousand you spend, you get a hundred Big Dogs for free. Check out the Big Dogs as, and you’ll see what a bonus you’re getting. Those are $5 leads, and you’re getting them for free. If you have a bigger room, 4/ 5 guys, I recommend the twenty-five hundred dollar package- 625 times 4; there’s your twenty-five hundred dollars, and I give you for free 250 Big Dogs. Those are five bucks apiece. That’s an extra twelve hundred and fifty dollars’ worth of leads you’re getting for nothing. And you don’t give those leads to everybody. They’ll eat up your rookies for dinner. These are sophisticated people. They’re gonna do the due diligence. Your boys better know what they’re talking about when they talk to those Big Dogs. Don’t waste your money. Give ‘em to your number one, number two guy. You got any questions, call me. Thank you for your time. God bless

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Stock Broker List/ Lists

Hi, everybody. Welcome to Let’s talk about stock broker list / lists. I’m gonna make a confession to ya: I don’t like stockbrokers. I know it’s a stupid thing to say but, you know what, the old stockbroker was a class act. And you know, we would do $5000 deals. He’d normally have 10/ 20 guys working for him, put real nice orders in.

I dunno what happened to the stockbrokers, but now they call up begging for clients. No pikers, guys! We don’t sell pikers, ok? It’s a thousand dollar minimum. I hate to even talk about my minimum, but let me tell you something- the accredited investor- there is no better lead for stocks.

stock broker

When you guys buy that small cap or penny stock or that crap where there are pikers- 3/ $5000 guys. You’re not making any money. But if you get an accredited investor that is willing to take a risk on something very risky; now, they’re taking 10% of that portfolio and putting it in private placements- oil-and-gas, real estate ventures, whatever the case may be, he is a big-time speculator.

You guys got a big run going on with the stock market right now and, you know what, if nothing else, ask this guy to give you a piece of his portfolio to show him how you could perform. The good news is I have zero stockbrokers for clients. That’s how bad it is. A matter of fact, I had a broker one time taking care of that division for me. It just, I dunno, it’s just, I’ve not been able to have good conversations and cultivate any kind of good ones. You may be the right guy. If you’re old school, I’ll do business with you, and you’ll love me because I know exactly what we gotta do.

I’m an ex commodity broker. I know how to raise money, and I know what we gotta do to build a portfolio. And back in the old days, you’d be surprised at the millions and millions of dollars my guys were raising off my leads. So, if you’re a stockbroker, and you’re looking for some real good stock investors, you give me a call. I’ll talk to you about the accredited investors. I’ll let you taste four different files. I’ll work with ya. I’ll get you zeroed in, dialed in, tuned in, until you hit your sweet spot, and then we’ll live happily ever after.

You got any questions, call me: John Fischer- 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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Investor Lists

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to I wanna talk about investor lists. That’s what we do is we sell investor lists but, again, I always let people know that if you specifically ask for ‘investor lists’, you gotta be careful because the people I deal with, most of ‘em, are doing private placements, and the term ‘investor list’ by itself is, yes, a number of different people that are looking to invest in anything from the stocks to precious metals to mutual funds, IRAs, you know, whatever. It’s kind of a vague keyword, what we call keywords- the words people use to find, you know, products through the search engines. I would be cautious and make sure that whatever investment you’re doing doesn’t have requirements, such as crowd funding, you know, they have to be accredited. The private placements need to be accredited. Whether it’s a Reg D 504/505/506 B , or the brand new one- which you’re allowed to solicit; don’t have to wait for the pre-existing relationship- the Reg D 506 C . That one, you have to be accredited, so if you’re looking for investor lists, make sure that you specify, ‘Hey, by the way, they have to be accredited.’ If you have any questions, please call me- 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

accredited investor lists logo

Accredited Investors

Hi, everybody. Welcome to  What we do is we buy from various broker-dealers people that they have surveyed, they have mailed a private placement memorandum.

Looking for a list of accredited investors?

Well you’re in the right place.Remember, before you send somebody a private placement memorandum, you’ve gotta read ‘em the definition of  accredited investors And they say, ‘Hey, if you make at least 200,000 a year for the last two years, $300,000 combined. Have you got experience managing your personal portfolio? Is your net worth a million, not including your home?’ They ask that particular question. They also ask ‘em, ‘Hey, is 25 to $50,000 a comfortable entry level for a first time investment?’ And the guy says yes. And then they mail ‘em a private placement.

If you have a four-man, five-man, you know, big room, we do a twenty-five hundred dollar deal. You get 625 times 4, twenty hundred dollars. For free, you get—those are the dollar leads—for free, you get 250 Big Dogs.

Big Dogs are the best leads in the country. They’re business, they’re owners; five million plus in annual sales, probably one of the biggest firms in the… in Texas, real pros, twenty guys on the phone. They do the work, they kill themselves, and guess what, you get a dynamite lead for five bucks. In this case, you get 250 for free. Why do I do that? Cuz if you give ‘em to your pros, and not your rookies, you’ll be calling me back, and say, ‘Hey, the dollar leads are good for the rookies and the B team, but for my A tea, I want the Big Dogs. How many have you got? What kind of price can you give me? And, believe me, I own a business. I understand cash flow. You catch me at the right time, I’m not firm on my prices. I’m gonna get the deal done.

If you have any questions, call me: John Fischer- 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

connect you to accredited investors

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Precious Metals Leads

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to We sell accredited investors, and we also sell qualified accredited investors, but we also sell precious metal leads. And we have people that—Everything I sell is clients. I like, in that arena, to only sell people that have bought. A check-writer will write again. And something very unusual about precious-metal buyers is they’ll buy again, they’ll buy again, they’ll buy again. I like the numismatic coin, but we’ll talk about that later on. We have these people, these precious metal buyers that have bought IRAs, and they work very, very well. A big secret that none of you people that are looking for precious metal buyers is for seven years, I took care of one of the biggest guys in Minnesota, and all he bought from me was oil-and-gas leads, and let me tell ya, he wrote so much business, and he didn’t do 500/ $800 deals. He did $25,000 deals. Oil-and-gas leads, accredited investors, are the best possible lead you could ever use for the precious metals market. So, when you call me, yeah, we have some list of people that have bought in the past, but I’m gonna tell you right now, if you want a list that no one else has, and there are so many guys selling precious metals, and such few precious metal leads. If you step out of the box, and you buy those accredited investors, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They’re a dollar apiece, both ones we’re talking about and, believe me, I’ll guide you and show you exactly which of those leads to buy. And you’ll see. You’ll get a lot of action and won’t have a lot of competition. If you have any questions, call me- John Fischer- 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

Accredited Investor Lists

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to

Let’s talk about accredited investor lists

Ok, so what’s accredited? Accredited is 200,000 income last two years, or 300,000 combined, a million net worth, not including their home, experience in managing their personal portfolio. We take it a step further. The people that we buy the leads from are broker-dealers. These are the people that they have mailed private placement memorandums to. So there’s a system that they do before they mail somebody a private placement. That’s why we love these leads. You guys are getting 20/ $30 leads for a dollar! I mean, it’s ridiculous. They’re given the definition of an accredited investor. The guys says yes. They ask him, ‘Is 25 to $50,000 a comfortable entry level?’ The guy says yes. Is it risk capital? The guy says yes. And then they mail them a private placement memorandum. So, you may say to yourself, why would I wanna buy someone’s paper that they mailed a private placement and they didn’t buy? First of all, oil-and-gas has been the worst as far as prices go lately. It’s tough to sell a market that goes up 25¢ and then comes slamming back down again. It’s just very, very tough to sell those markets. Oil has been really—I mean, I dunno where it’s at today, but I’ll tell ya, 30/ $40 oil is not easy to sell. Considering it used to be in the 80s, 90s and a hundred, you know. So, the beautiful thing, not so much my oil-and-gas guys is they became professional survey-takers, and they had to be super, super, super good to close people to buy oil at that kinda price. So all that paper we have that’s oil-and-gas, they busted their butts to qualify ‘em, and you get to buy ‘em for a dollar apiece.

Now, we do a twenty-five hundred dollar package for a 4/ 5 man operation- 625 times 4 different files. Each file has its own characteristics. Some rooms have dynamite qualifiers. Some rooms have great closers and the qualifiers aren’t that good. And when you put ‘em on the floor one at a time, you’ll see your boys will come back and say, ‘Hey, this is a good file, man. How many more of these does he have?’ ‘Hey, this is so so.’ Once in a blue moon, ‘Wow, these are real terrible. We called them all, and I’m telling you right now, they’re not really good.’ You call me back, ‘Hey, John. Here’s the score: we do like these; these are decent, but this one particular file sucked. And you said to me if something was really bad, you’d replace it. Replace this one like you said you would, and then let’s talk about buying some more next week.’ That’s how most of my conversations go. But usually, that bad file will last one, maybe two times and then I’m convinced it’s time to take it off line. Now, twenty-five hundred. You get 625 times 4. There’s your twenty-five hundred dollars. And now you get for free, for every thousand you spend, a hundred Big Dogs.

The Big Dogs are not just accredited; they’re qualified accredited. Quarter million minimum, five million in invest-able assets, comes from one of the biggest oil-and-gas guys in the country, strictly business to business, CEO’s and owners of businesses. And I’m telling you right now, if you go to the middle of the page and read the testimonials, you’ll see; don’t take my word for it. And the diverse deals, I mean, anything from art to hedge funds to stock, anything, the Big Dogs are dynamite.

If you have any questions at all, and you’re looking for accredited investor lists, gimme a call. 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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