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Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Accredited Let’s talk about credit investors. My favorite topic, especially since the websites Accredited So the definition of an Accredited Investor, somebody that makes 2000 income for the last two years or $300,000 combined, has a million that were not including his home, has experience in many managing his personal portfolio.

The leads that I provide for you are vetted by a broker. So he also asks them, hey, is 25,000 $50,000 a comfortable entry level? Or which of the following best describes a comfort zone for you for a first time investment?

25, 50 or $100,000? Is it risk capital? And then they mail the guy a private place of memorandum. So I want you to pay attention to what I give you. I give you a guy who’s even prospected and gone jump through all those hoops or he actually bought and became a client.

The client is $5 a piece because it’s so rare. Prospects are fifty cents a piece. 10,000, I dropped to $0.40. Be aware that when you go to Info USA, sales Genie Lead genie Investor leads plural. I own That’s what they sell. They sell model information. Zip plus four. It’s an average. And these people have never been prospect and never been vetted. Two different stories. Okay, so understand what it is that we’re selling.

Our credit investors are hit against a litigator list of troublemaker list of 1.4 million that I’ve accumulated on the the last 32 years. So, I mean, you’re getting a real strong product. You have a sand number, we’ll scrub.

If you don’t have a sand number, we’ll get you one. If you don’t want one, we’ll do the indemnity thing. But I’m going to tell you right now, when it comes to Accredited Investors, that’s our bread and butter.

Other than newsmatic coin buyers. And precious metal buyers that’s the only other thing we sell is Accredited investors. You have any questions, feel free to call me at Sales Leads, dot TV. In this case, accredited investor

We have 35 websites and by the way, how do you like that T shirt? Yep. Turn Florida red 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.

Private Coin Buyers

Hi, everybody, my name is John Fisher welcome to We also sell coin leads here and if you’re looking for private coin buyers, we have an extensive file maybe 300,000 of numismatic coin buyers. They’re 50 cents a piece 2,000 minimum.

When it comes to numismatic coin buyers I only buy clients, I don’t buy anyone that requested information they all bought coins that’s the only way I’ll buy a numismatic coin buyer Client List, and 99% of the time they’re out of business. I have legally bought them from you and I have the actual receipt email from the guy it’s not smart to buy leads from an existing firm. That’s their proprietary information and yeah we got to be real careful with that.

The lead business has a lot of gray lines we do the best we can to stay black and white so uh you know many times a lot of people call us up and say hey you want to buy this list and it turns out to be The Client List of one of our clients no thanks. You have to be really careful.

Again if you’re looking for private coin buyers we definitely got them at 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.

Accredited Investor Leads

Hey everybody my name is John Fisher welcome to So let’s talk about accredited investors. An accredited investor is real simple the Security Exchange Commission defines an accredited investor as someone that makes 200,000 a year for the last two years or 300,000 combined household income. They have to have a million net worth not including their home, they have to have experience in managing their personal portfolio, we add on 25 to 50 to 100,000 in Risk Capital qualify and we only buy people that have been mailed a private placement memorandum. 

Those leads are 50 cents. I’ve got one Client List that’ll blow your mind with 800 names five bucks a piece. Clients are five bucks a piece they’re hard to get guys and it’s hard to find something that’s out of business. 

When you buy leads in the origin of those particular leads, you know the oil and gas leads are tough because um a lot of these guys hit dry holes and You know because of the current administration’s hatred for the oil and gas industry we’ve lost a lot of our own gas guys. In the process of that, they’ve sold their assets to survive so we have a lot of clients.

Oil and gas leads are perfect for Real Estate, oil and gas leads are perfect for precious metals, tech leads are really good for the oil and gas industry, and also numismatic coins and stuff like that. An investor is an investor, most of them are diversified and are all over the place. We have coins in the safe, you know we’ve got metals in the safe, we’ve got IRAs, you know we have real estate holdings. I don’t know many investors that are not diversified.

Getting back to accredited investors. What specializes in we’ve got over a million names of people that have been vetted by a broker-dealer. If you want a real cheap lead, I’ve got companies that have gone out of business that sell the same kind of lead I do and that was two years ago. We take the same database, we go ahead and we update the phone numbers been selling for seven cents fifty thousand or we sell twenty-five thousand for a dime or we sell ten thousand for fifteen cents and you can buy that Cheapy cheapy stuff. It’s much much better quality and they’re vetted. I’m not swinging mud. If you have any questions feel free to call me at 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless

Precious Metals Leads

Welcome to, precious metal leads are what we do. When I put this company together in the beginning we asked, how do we protect these people? Because it’s a big responsibility selling names, addresses, and phone numbers to people so I decided to go strictly with accredited investors. Why? Because they’re sophisticated. They make 200,000 a year, it’s got a million net worth, not including his home, I consider him sophisticated and intelligent enough to do his due diligence and protect himself.

The reason I sell precious metal leads is they’re getting intangible so the worst possible scenario is getting a silver eagle even if he paid 50 bucks and silvers at 20 he’s gonna get twenty dollars for that coin you know so I like the idea of selling leads to a deal that’s tangible. So if you’re looking for precious metal leads we’ve got a really good database. We’ve got the actual numismatic coin buyers, we’ve got the bullion buyers and we’ve got the ira buyers.

We do have 1.4 million professional troublemakers and litigators and that helps a lot. Hey, I also care about you because I’m not selling you Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama and California. The bottom line is these are problematic states, I personally rather not do business in those states because I don’t want the headaches. They could regulate the rest of the list brokers that don’t comply with the state laws. I’m a nice guy and I want to keep your checkbook open for me not regulators and lawyers again thank you for your time have a 561-239-0364 day and god bless.

Lead Lists for Sale

Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to Lead lists for sale: what’s a lead? A lead is the name, address, and phone number. What’s a list? It’s a number of leads for sale.

The only lead lists for sale are accredited investors. Why? Because an accredited investor has a million net worth not including his home and I would hope he’s sophisticated. I like the idea of having that kind of a person be able to do his due diligence and make a decision on an investment opportunity. That’s why I love accredited investors. You know they’re set up and they have the actual ability they could sustain it god forbid the worst possible scenario they’re risk takers. I mean look what the kind of risk they take in the market.

The other one is numismatic coin buyers or precious metals buyers it’s tangible. What that means is if he buys a coin let’s say gold at 2,000 and let’s say the guy marks it up to uh 3200 because it’s an ms70 remember there’s a spot price and then there’s how rare the coin is and what kind of condition the coin’s in and that gives it that intrinsic value which is above spot.

Getting back to why I sell that kind of guy, it’s a tangible worst scenario he’s got a coin worth an ounce it’s all about protecting the guys whose name address and phone numbers. If you have a san number I’ll scrub. If you don’t have a san i’ll show you how to get one, if you don’t want to get a san number you’ll do your due diligence and you’ll check it out on google and we’ll get an indemnity letter from you which says hey we realize the risk involved and we’ll take the risk of calling somebody on the do not call.

Our leads have an average price of 50 cents apiece 2 000 minimum and a thousand dollars if you have any questions about our lead lists for sale feel free to call me at 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day bye-bye

Real Estate Investor List

Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to I’m the owner of the company and I want to talk about a real estate investor list. A lot of times when a customer will call me and ask me for a particular type of lead they’ll say we’re doing this we’re doing that you know movie attack deal oil and gas or whatever. We usually go ahead and assume that because the guy went through the private placement memorandum criteria vetted by the broker-dealer.

If you’re looking for a real estate investor list and we happen to have a pure real estate database it’s what we call a vertical so that’s as good as it gets. I’ve got an unnamed social media platform, the biggest real estate investment network that’s out of this world.

Any disconnect wrong numbers of course we replace two for one but what’s beautiful about that database is that it’s a targeted database specifically for real estate. Now the only thing negative about the file is there are real estate agents in there and there are also flippers in there which tells you you’re in the hot spot and that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. If you’re sensitive to those two just mark them real estate market flippers and I’ll replace them one for one. We call it real gold it’s the baddest best real estate database in the country so remember if you’re looking for real estate investor lists or leads we got them. Any questions feel free to call me at 561-239-0364. If you have a san number we will scrub, if you don’t have a san number I’ll get you one, if you don’t want a san number we’ll do the indemnity. Have yourself a beautiful day and God bless.

Find Accredited Investors

Hi everybody my name is John Fischer welcome to Are you trying to find accredited investors? If you’re looking to find accredited investors we’re your source. We have been in business 32 years, A+ plus rating you know I just bought a list with 3,000 names, and out of the 3,000 names I was able to extract 844 that I didn’t own already. 

Let’s talk about bad states even though it has nothing to do with accredited investors. I particularly hate the state of Pennsylvania I think it’s a very dangerous state no matter what you do no matter how clean you are you’re going to have a problem. I just refuse to sell Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, and Alabama.

If you’re doing numismatic coins or anything to do with precious metals, in Minnesota you have to have a license with those people, and of course lucky California. They came up with a law that requires me to have a portal and the people from California could opt out and um it’s a big can of worms. That’s what we call the do not call list and that’s just the list of states that we will not sell.

As far as accredited investors, I mean that’s all we do pretty much other than, coin leads and numismatic coin buyers and precious metal buyers. 

What makes our leads unique is that we buy them from broker-dealers. Their brokers vet their accredited investors by asking them have you got a million net worth, not including their home, do they make at least 200,000 a year for the last two years, have they got experience in managing their personal portfolio, etc.

So that makes me different than anybody especially, all they do is pretty much sell you info USA, lead genie whatever their new name is. I love them because if you really believe that you can get away with spending seven or even 10 cents for a lead to raise millions of dollars, you’re not my kind of customer. If you have any questions feel free to call me especially when you’re looking to find accredited investors. If you have any additional questions feel free to call me at 561-239-0364 have a beautiful day and God bless.

Hedge Fund Leads

Hi everybody, welcome to! Hedge fund leads: yes we do have them and you know what, we are limited to two files and only two files. I’m going to tell you something if you’re looking for these types of leads you got to remember something, the security exchange commission has a strict rules about hedge funds and what we call qualified accredited investors.

If you’re doing a master private placement that’s the one where you require a quarter million dollar minimum and at least five million in investable assets, you have to use qualified accredited investors. Again, hedge funds require the same exact thing, extraordinary risk and you have to have people that can handle that kind of risk so you need people that have at least quarter million dollars in investable assets, excuse me quarter million dollars ready to go. They have at least five million in investable assets. 

The two files that we have are the big dogs. Big dogs come from one of the biggest oil and gas guys in the country. They went ahead and bought people with contacts 5 million plus in annual sales and pretty much that is the sweet spot where you get a guy that’s got that kind of money especially if he owns the company. So they prospect the guy they make sure he’s got at least a quarter million dollars and they did quite well they’re called big dogs they have their own website

The second file we have for this particular category is pretty much like generic cell phone numbers. Again we’re looking for 5 million plus annual sales going under the assumption that you know they’re gonna you know be qualified accredited keep in mind the big dogs came from those. So the big dogs used to be five dollars they’re down to a dollar a piece now that other file that we used to prospect and sell to them there’s maybe 270,000 cell numbers which is tough to find for a business type lead. 

We’ll scrub the business is exempt you don’t have to worry about scrubbing again we’ve been in business 32 years we have an A+ rating if you have any questions about hedge fund leads feel free to call me john fisher 561-239-0364.

Lead Lists

lead lists

At Accredited Investor Leads, we specialize in accredited investors and we have many different lead lists that you can choose from. We are affiliated with and we have been in the lead industry for over 32 years providing our clients with the hottest leads in town.

What are lead lists?

Lead Lists are lists of investors that have been identified and refined by a team of professionals. Each lead has a background check performed on them by a professional company to ensure that they are as legitimate as they can be.

We have multiple options for you to choose from to maximize your lead purchasing or your investment returns. We have been doing this for over 32 years, and our customers have the benefit of not having to worry about lead qualification because we do that for them.

We can provide you with the information that you need to help you build your business, whether that be a business of your own or helping grow your existing business. Our accredited investor leads can help you sell your product as well as learn more about the buyers in your area.

Our leads are downloadable immediately after purchase and require no waiting period. You also have our support after purchase, so if you have any questions about the lead lists, or just want someone to bounce an idea off of, we’re here for you.

lead lists

Accredited Investor Leads

If you are looking for investors that have the potential to make a huge profit, Accredited Investor Leads is here for you. We have many different lead lists that you can choose from. The Accredited Investor Leads team wants everyone to be successful and this is why we’ve created an amazing lead list that will benefit people all over the country.

We have affiliated with the best who’s in the lead industry, and we are constantly developing new leads to give you an even better experience. Our team has been doing this for over 32 years, and we’re still growing our leads to give you a better chance at success.

There are many other lead buying companies out there, but none of them can compare with Accredited Investor Leads. We want all of our customers to be successful. The Accredited Investor Leads team has worked hard to provide you with only the very best in leads that come from a reputable company that specializes in the industry.

Accredited Investor Qualifications

What is an accredited investor? What are the accredited investor qualifications? How do I qualify as an accredited investor? This is a common question we receive in our work. Here is a guide to understanding what an accredited investor is and how you can qualify to be one.

The term “accredited investor” refers to individuals who meet certain criteria that allow them to invest in highly risky financial instruments that are otherwise available only to wealthy, sophisticated investors. As a result, only investors who fall into this category can invest in most startups, venture capital funds, and some other products. The term “qualified” means that you are an accredited investor.

What are accredited investor qualifications?

To be considered an accredited investor, you must have a net worth of US$1 million or greater (this does not mean your net worth has to be in US$1 million increments alone; it is the value of your total stock and investment assets multiplied by $1 million). That said, there are other accreditations that the SEC allows investors to use. They include the following:

Having an individual income of at least $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or a joint income of $300,000 for those years ($300,000 if married filing separately). If you do not meet these requirements but your spouse does, then you may count your spouse’s income.

An entity or trust can be considered accredited if it has assets greater than US$5 million. If you are married and file a joint tax return with your spouse, your joint income requirement is reduced to US$250,000 ($125,000 if filing separately), plus any income from property owned by the trust or entity.

In general, the SEC says that accreditation should be based on how much you can afford to lose. In other words, if you are not an accredited investor but still invest in startups with other investors (e.g. angel investors) that is not a problem. However, if you are an accredited investor and invest in startups with other accredited investors, you will likely not be able to participate in the highly-risky investments that are available to those who qualify as accredited investors.

Characteristics of an Accredited Investor

They must have a net worth of at least $1 million (not through $5 million or $10 million or any other number). They must meet income requirements. The SEC guidelines for accreditation are set forth in general terms in Rule 501 of Regulation D. If you do not meet the income requirements, then you can still participate in a company’s offering if you meet the other criteria.

If you have any questions regarding accredited investor qualifications please contact us!

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