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Accredited Investors

Welcome to Accredited Investor Leads! Are you looking for accredited investor leads? Well, we specialize in accredited investors. We have been in the lead business for 30+ years. Let’s dive in.

What is an accredited investor?
Accredited investors are individuals that meet certain financial criteria. These criteria come from the SEC.

What does the SEC say?
In general, with a net worth of over $1,000,000 (excluding your primary residence) or an income of over $200,000 annually for the last 2 years ($300,000 combined if married).
Accredited Investors don’t need to have all these attributes but if you do possess these attributes you may be an accredited investor. These terms are subject to change at any time per the SEC.

Who needs accredited investors?
Any individual in need of accredited investor leads can benefit from Accredited Investor Leads. We provide many different types of investors including accredited investors that fit your specific needs.

What are the benefits of utilizing Accredited Investors?
Accredited investors are more likely to invest in your business than non-accredited investors. Why? Because they can see how their investment will grow over time. They are more likely to call you back or invest in the future if you show a pattern of success for them with previous businesses they have invested with.

With the growth that Affiliates receive from advertising revenue, it is always a better idea to reach out to individuals that can help grow your income from exposure and sponsoring programs on our website.

Why do you need accredited investor leads?
Are you looking for accredited investor leads? Then you’ve found the right place. Accredited Investor Leads specializes in finding investors that will be perfect for your business needs.

How can we help you find investors?
We utilize our 30+ years of experience selling leads in various industries to help find the right investors to suit your business needs. We can help you choose the right type of investor and also provide a list of preferred businesses that excel in a wide range of industries. We pride ourselves on helping our clients succeed with their business ventures while also growing their network at the same time.

Contact us today to learn more! We have been in the lead business for 30+ years and we are here to serve you.

High Net Worth Investor Leads

Welcome to Accredited Investor Leads! If you are looking for high net worth investor leads, then you are in the right place. We have been in the lead business for 30+ years, specializing in accredited investors. Let’s dive right into our high net worth investor leads, shall we?

What are high net worth investor leads?
A high net worth investor (HNWI) is defined as someone whose total gross assets (or net worth) are over $1 million.

The most common definition of HNWIs is those with a net worth of over $3 million. There are a lot of considerations when choosing the high net worth investor leads to work with when developing your lead generation campaign, such as the length of time they have owned their property and the property type.

high net worth investor leads

In addition to the asset type, you will also want to define your target market by comparing individual’s income ranges and ages. You can even go as far as comparing their level of education.

Who needs high net worth investor leads?
Not everyone! If you are a mortgage broker, for example, you are not going to want to go after a high net worth investor. Start out by thinking about the type of clientele you want to target.

What if you are not sure what type of investor leads you need?
You can always purchase a small number of investor leads in order to “test the waters”. For example, if you are looking for investments in California since that is where your company is located and your good friends live there. Keep in mind that larger lead packages cost less per lead. If you purchase smaller quantities, it will cost more per lead.

Also, keep in mind that some investors may already be working with a financial advisor or investment firm.

Contact us today to learn more about our high net worth investor leads! We have been in the lead business for 30+ years and we have got you covered.

Oil Investor Leads

Welcome to Accredited Investor Leads! No surprise that we specialize in accredited investor leads. We have many different leads to choose from, so if you are looking for oil investor leads you have come to the right place!

What are oil investor leads?
Oil investors are leads of people who have the money to invest. These are people who have a net worth over $1 million or an annual income of $200,000 a year. Our leads are very accurate, and you can filter the results to find what you are looking for with ease.

Before you choose which accredited investor lead provider is best for you, try Accredited Investor Leads today!

oil investor leads

Who needs oil investor leads?
Oil companies that are in need of funding for oil exploration and drilling will most likely require oil leads. Oil companies will use these leads to find accredited investors who are willing to invest their money into this venture. These investors often receive a return on their investment in the form of interest and/or shares in the company, so oil investor leads are needed to ensure a profitable business deal.

If you have an interest in investing money in oil companies, you may want to consider looking at our collection. Contact us today, we have been in the lead business for 30+ years specializing in accredited investors.

Real Estate Investors List

If you are looking for an accredited real estate investors list, then Accredited Investor Leads has got you covered! We have many different lead options to choose from, but let’s get specific.

What is a real estate investors list?
It is a list of accredited investors that are interested in investing in real estate! You can use this lead to find real estate leads that contain: phone numbers, email addresses, and names. The best thing about this lead is that it is up-to-date. The leads get updated all the time!

What does an accredited investor list include?

The list contains investor names, phone numbers, and email addresses. If you are looking to start a serious business relationship with investors this is the lead you want!

Are you looking for a lead to help grow your business? If so then check out Accredited Investor Leads today! We have many different lead options to choose from. Let’s get specific, shall we? Accredited Investor Leads has a hot real estate investors list.

real estate investors list

Who should use our real estate investors list?

You should use this lead if you are trying to find qualified investors or serious people who want to invest in your business.

For further questions please contact us! We have been in the lead business for 30+ years and we are here to serve you.

Real Estate Private Placement Leads

Are you looking for real estate private placement leads? Well, you have come to the right place! At Accredited Investor Leads, all of our investors are accredited. So what are real estate private placement leads? Well, quite simply, they are real estate opportunities or limited partnership interests that can be purchased by private investors. They can also be called a limited partnership interest, or a private placement investment opportunity.

Real estate private placement leads are for anyone looking to invest in a business by purchasing an interest in exchange for cash, property assets, or services rendered. Typically these types of investments carry a much higher risk than what is offered by a typical stock, but also offer much higher potential returns.

For example, there recently was an article out about the “Penn Plaza apartments” in New York City that raised $50 million for the owners to renovate the property.

real estate private placement leads

When do you need real estate private placement leads? If you are interested in making a passive income through investment opportunities that require little to know management then you have come to the right place!

At Accredited Investor Leads, we offer many different kinds of leads. Contact us today! We have been in the lead business for over 30+ years specialing in accredited investors.

Real Estate Investor Leads

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for accredited investor leads! Accredited Investor Leads has been in the lead business for 30+ years specializing in accredited investors. Let’s dive into our real estate investor leads.

What are real estate investor leads?

Are you tired of buying leads that only bring you dead ends? With Accredited Investor Leads you’ll only be sent highly responsive leads, brought to your attention by our customer service team.

real estate investor leads

What are the benefits of using our real estate investor leads?

When it comes to lead generation and finding a lucrative investment property, having the best real estate investor leads is the key to finding success. At Accredited Investor Leads we believe that an informed and educated investor is a smart investor! That is why we have made sure to provide you with the most accurate and reliable information on accredited investors.

Why use Accredited Investor Leads?

Tired of the small number of leads that are available on some other lead companies? We provide you with the best leads and more than just leads! With our real estate investor leads it’s easy to find the perfect investment. The best part is that we have filters so you can work through the list faster. You can also search by State, County, and zip code. Once you’ve found your property, our customer service team will take care of contacting them for you.

Contact us today to learn more!

Franchise Leads

Hi everybody, John Fisher, welcome to We’re gonna talk about franchise leads. For the last five years, I’ve had this source that’s been unbelievable. What’s unbelievable, I have very very few franchise people. What I have is accredited investors and people that want accredited investors, and these are dynamite. I’m gonna tell you why. They have at least $100,000 qualified, they’re opt-in, they’ve been actually double opt-in because they’ve been serving on top and they came into the website or some kind of opt-in scenario. What happens is they’ve never been spoken to about any kind of investment. They may have been spoken to one time, one customer about a franchise, and the bottom line is they work very very well for the private placement arena especially since my competitors have these leads. The big thing about being successful in this business is finally something that the rest of the guys don’t have. Unfortunately, the west coast, the company that went on everybody else have got over a million of her leads [00:01:07.13] you know what, he sells that stuff from nickel. The bottom-line is it is what it is. It’s like selling you something nobody else has, that’s qualified, that’s liquid. It’s risk capital, and it’s a viable lead that you can use for the accredited investor arena. Again, if you’re looking for accredited investors, in a form of franchise, they’re all looking for franchise leads, we got them. If you have any additional questions call me. The prices are $5 a piece. If you get all of them, they get much much cheaper. Any question call me, 561-239-0364. Thank you for your time and god bless.

Real Estate Investor / Investors

Hi everybody! My name is John Fischer, welcome to Real estate investor investors, you know why it’s my favorite keyword today, because; I got a list that would blow your mind, I’ve got opted in 40,000 17s, 40,000 18s, first name, last name, no physical address. I got email, time-stamp, date stamp, checked up a 100,000-minimum investment, checked off that they were accredited and attended 42-minute webinar on how to take advantage and profit from the real estate arena.
It doesn’t get better, this is what we call a vertical and I’ll tell you what, we have had a tremendous amount of success with them– not only in the real estate arena, they seem to be across the board, we’ve tried them out on a gas perfect, precious metals perfect, crypto, marijuana, this is just an arena of internet savvy people, that have gone ahead through an opt-in email offer.

Requested information, educated themselves much better lead than I’ve had I’ve been open 28 years and I got to tell you, no one else has it which I love and number two, it’s such a really, really, really– I mean and the returns are really, really, strong.

People definitely respond, it’s very responsive, they’re a dollar apiece for the 70s the 80s are two dollars apiece, if you buy quantity, we’ll give you a discount, so if youre looking for a real estate investor leads list call me John Fischer 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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Affluent Investors

Hi everybody! My name is John Fischer, welcome to Affluent investors, one of my favorite keywords that I don’t like and I’ll tell you why. Affluent is not good enough, what’s affluent, what’s that mean? He makes a 100,000 a year, 50, 150,000. I like the word accredited and you have to be very, very, careful– look these are key words that you go to Google and you look up information.
So, you’re probably looking to do a private placement or precious metals or a real estate deal or something like that and you’ve saying to yourself, I’m looking for affluent investors, the problem is it’s not good enough. You have to ask for accredited investors.

It’s specific, specific to 200,000 income last two years, net worth a million, not including their home, experience in managing their personal portfolio– our leads are broker qualified, so they were vetted by a broker dealer, they asked if you have 25 to $50,000, the guy says yes and they ask them– actually they sent them a private placement memorandum. It’s a lot better than the Kaka you buy at the 7cents,, lead genie, info USA, all that stuff, it’s the same, it’s model information, it’s a zip plus four 60% accurate with an assumption– maybe the guy was looking for an investor.

There’s nothing better than a guy who’s received a private placement memorandum to go ahead and pitch on a private placement. So, if you’re looking for affluent investors, much better off than you punch in accredited investors and we have them, we’ve been in business 28 years we have an A+ rating, I’m a one-man operation, we got 1.3 million troublemakers– those are the professional litigate, is that you’re list broker probably doesn’t know about.

If you have a stand number we’ll scrub it, if you don’t have a stand number we’ll help you get one, if you don’t want to get one, just sign my indemnity form, we will not sell you in Pennsylvania, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Hawaii, Alabama, problematic who needs the headaches, so I got no leads anyway in those states, most broker-dealers know not to call those states.

We’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m a one-man operation that’s good for you and if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to call me and again, forget affluent investors, use accredited investor, have a beautiful day and God bless.

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Precious Metals

Hi everybody! My name is John Fischer, welcome to Precious metals, you know when I picked this keyword, because there’s like a million people asking for information about precious metal. I’m hoping that some of you guys are looking for precious metal buyers of precious metal leads, because that’s what we sell.

precious metals

Why precious metals?

We’ve got 50,000 IRA buyers, we have 50,000 numismatic coin buyers and my whole oil and gas database– my accredited oil and gas investors or my accredited investors period, love precious metals. A matter of fact, the new trend now has been to get away from the precious metal’s buyers in the past and to start moving into the real estate guys and moving into the oil and gas guys and investors and investors, investor.

My job is to qualify him, my job is to find if he has the money, it’s your job to put him into your vertical. Vertical being– what’s the product that you’re selling. So, if you’re looking for precious metals– I’m assuming its precious metal buyers, if you’re looking to buy a precious metal, we may not be the right guy, we’re a list broker, we sell name, address and phone numbers, but if you are looking for precious metal buyers, whether it’s IRA or numismatic coins we’re the right guys.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me, John Fischer at 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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