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Prequalified Investor Leads

Hi everybody! Welcome to, pre-qualified investor leads, everything we have is pre-qualified, why is it pre-qualified, their broker qualified leads, they’re accredited.
So, your typical guy who was my customer, either has a broker dealer or he’s selling some kind of a private placement, that’s what he does and the bottom line is that these people are all called by the broker, they’re given the definition of an accredited investor, hey! do you make at least 200,000 a year for last two years, have you got a million net worth not including your home, have you got experience in managing your personal portfolio, is 25 to 50,000 a comfortable entry level? Yes, and they mail them a private placement memorandum.

How much better pre-qualified– accredited investor leads can you ask for and by the way, a pre-qualified investor list is not going to be enough, you need to be accredited– these people need to be accredited, if you doing a private place the Reg D 504, 505, 506, 506(c).

If you have any questions at all, call me john Fischer 561-981-8777 for you pre-qualified investor leads– pre-qualified accredited investor leads, call me.

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Lead Lists

Lead list, Hey! [laughs]. My name is John Fischer, welcome to, lead list– I mean as generic as it gets, but guess what? There’s like 80,000 of you that punch in lead list into Google and that’s what I’m looking– I’m looking for you 80,000.
And yes, we own concierge SEO services and through the school of hard knocks we have learned how to market and how to get our name out there, my network for palooka, from Brooklyn New York, you can see we do pretty good with our rankings and we’re still learning every single day. We learned one thing, to stay away from the SEO companies that do pay per click, caca, but that’s another subject.

Let’s talk about lead list. You know a lead list can be puppy dogs, it could be a number of people that are missing a right finger, I mean I don’t know how to tell you lead list is too generic, if you’re doing a private placement you need to ask for accredited investor list, if you’re doing precious metals you need to ask for precious metal list, if you’re doing oil and gas you got to say oil and gas leads or a list, but the problem is that they have to be accredited when you doing a private placement. So, I’m going to make this really simple for you, lead list is not good enough, if you’re doing a private placement, make sure to say accredited investor list or accredited lead list.

You doing precious metals, make sure to put down IRA precious metals or IRA leads or numismatic coin buyers leads or bullion buyer leads, be more specific. Again, leave less here we’ve got millions of them, but you need to be a lot more specific– we’ve been in business 28 years, we have an A+ rating, our leads are a dollar apiece, if you buy 5,000 we drop down to 50 cents, if you have a sand number we scrub for free, if you don’t you sign an indemnity letter, but we have 1.3 million professional litigators, these are the troublemakers that are the do not call us or they trick you, they call you up, leave a message you call them back and ho! Gotcha, their a business, but they say they’re on the do not call– this is a business except.

It’s the best, but guess what? We’re doing a good job, we know what we’re doing and we we would love to scrub your leads, the problem is, its 240 million people on the do not call, there’s nothing left, it’s crazy, but again, let’s not give you too much information here, lead list? Yes, we have them 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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Precious Metals IRA

Hi everybody! My name is John Fischer, welcomes PM IRA, PM stands for precious metals IRA, we have them, we have four to three different– no, one, two, three, three different companies that went under back in 2014 and they all did IRA precious metals. A lot of them have videos that are still on Google and the bottom line is we have date stamps on a lot of them.
So, you can actually see when this guy bought, you can see what the price was, you can assume that either has it or doesn’t have it, but you know what if the price is lower, it’s time to give another buying opportunity, regardless, it’s a lot of information that gets somebody.

So, if you’re looking for PM, precious metals IRA buyers, we have them. We also have bullion buyers to get the IRA, we also have numismatic coin buyers. I got over a 50,000 of those, by the way you could switch them over, they go back and forth, but the most important thing is, if you’re looking for precious metals’ IRA buyers, we got them, at

If you have any questions call me, 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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Precious Metals

Hi everybody! My name is John Fischer, welcome to Precious metals, you know when I picked this keyword, because there’s like a million people asking for information about precious metal. I’m hoping that some of you guys are looking for precious metal buyers of precious metal leads, because that’s what we sell.
We’ve got 50,000 IRA buyers, we have 50,000 numismatic coin buyers and my whole oil and gas database– my accredited oil and gas investors or my accredited investors period, love precious metals. A matter of fact, the new trend now has been to get away from the precious metal’s buyers in the past and to start moving into the real estate guys and moving into the oil and gas guys and investors and investors, investor.

My job is to qualify him, my job is to find if he has the money, it’s your job to put him into your vertical. Vertical being– what’s the product that you’re selling. So, if you’re looking for precious metals– I’m assuming its precious metal buyers, if you’re looking to buy a precious metal, we may not be the right guy, we’re a list broker, we sell name, address and phone numbers, but if you are looking for precious metal buyers, whether it’s IRA or numismatic coins we’re the right guys.

If you have any questions call me, John Fischer at 561-981-8777. Have a beautiful day, and God bless.

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Oil and Gas Leads

Hi, everybody. John Fischer. Welcome to I wanna talk about oil and gas leads. What are oil and gas leads? An oil and gas lead is a name, address and a phone number who’s looking for information on an oil and gas venture. Now, be careful. Cause if you don’t point out the word ‘accredited’, and you’re doing a private placement, you’re gonna have a problem. ‘Oil and gas leads’ is not good enough. You need to have an accredited investor, or an accredited oil and gas lead. So make sure you understand that- that when you’re looking for those types of leads, and you’re doing a private placement, some kind of a venture, whether it’s for secondary recovery, or whatever, and you’re doing a private-placement, they must be an accredited investor. ‘Oil and gas leads’ is not specific enough, does not mention the word ‘accredited’. There are things like participation deals where the guy doesn’t have to be accredited. So, to say you might get investor leads or investor lists. Investor leads? Hey, you know what? He may be doing an IPO or may be doing a five or ten thousand dollar oil and gas deal. Excuse me, stock deal. But the word ‘accredited’ brings you to the next level. And that’s what we do here. We deal with nothing but accredited investors. They have at least twenty-five to fifty thousand dollars. They are accredited. They make at least two hundred thousand dollars a year. They have at least a million net-worth, not including their home, experience in managing their personal portfolio.

So remember, ‘oil and gas leads’? Yes, we have ‘em. It’s a pretty general statement, but specifically, you should ask for ‘accredited oil and gas investor/leads/lead (singular)/ lists (plural)/list (singular). I hope I answered your question. If you have any, call me. John Fischer: 561-239-0364. (IMG 1015)

oil and gas rig day

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Lead Broker | List broker

Hi, everybody. John Fischer. Welcome to You know, a lot of people come to the actual website and they punch in ‘lead broker’ or ‘list broker’. What does that mean- lead broker or list broker? A lead is a name, an address and a phone number, ok? A broker is a guy that deals with it. That’s what we do here.
I consider myself a list broker, and I broker various lists. Pretty much 90% of what I broker is accredited investors. So I buy people that have been mailed a private placement memorandum. In order for you to receive that memorandum, they vet you, they ask you, ‘Hey, do you make at least two hundred thousand a year? Have you got at least a million net-worth, not including your home? Have you got experience in managing your personal portfolio?’ And then they mail you a private placement.
So I am a list broker that deals in accredited investor leads, accredited investor lists, and so on. So, again, to make sure you understand what’s a lead broker, what’s a list broker, a lead, a list: a lead is one name, address and a phone number, and a list is a bunch of those leads. I know, it’s that simple. If you have any questions, call me, John Fischer: 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time, and God bless. (IMG 1016)

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Private Placement Leads

Hi, everybody. John Fischer. Welcome to Private placement leads. What does that mean? It’s leads that we use for private placement leads. I know, some of these keywords are pretty basic. But a lot of time, you guys use all different words that you type into Google or Yahoo! or MSN to try to find what it is you’re looking for. So, when you’re looking for private-placement leads…A private placement is a financial instrument, a Reg D 504, B as in boy is a million or less; the 505 is a million to five million; the 506 is for five million plus. That’s the little letter b. That little letter b is the old one. That’s the one that you have to establish a pre-existing relationship, friends and family. Once a friend, there’s a thirty-day cooling off period. Now comes the 506C, which came in a couple of Septembers ago, and that 506C, you don’t have to solicit; you instantly have that pre-existing relationship, and you can solicit and mail a PPM right away.

So, whether it’s a private equity, or a private placement—You know, what’s a private equity offer? Very, very vague term. We don’t have a lot of people come in requesting that. But, by the way, to us, a private equity offer… A private-placement is private equity. It’s exactly what it is. And you know what? They’re raising money for a particular deal, and it’s being done through the vehicle of private-placement or Reg D, 504, 505, 506. Little confusing, but you know what? The bottom line is we sell accredited investors. That’s the best kind of lead for these two types of investment vehicles. So, if you’re looking for accredited investor leads, I’m the king of accredited investor leads. You have any questions, call me, John Fischer: 561-981-8777. Thank you for your time, and God bless. (IMG 1018)

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Quality Leads for Brokers

Those looking to expand their portfolio should obtain leads for investment brokers in order to expedite the process. The challenge many brokers have is that they are not in content with the right people, who are ready to invest, and have the capital to do so. This is especially true for those just starting out. Most people start their career by establishing a referral network with other young professionals. While an excellent long term strategy, it takes time to build a portfolio this way.

At, we provide leads for investment brokers of individuals that are accredited investors and have the capital necessary to make them a solid prospect. Accredited investors are an excellent place to start because they have to make either $200,000 a year as an individual or $300,000 jointly with a spouse. In order to qualify without earning this much money, they need to have a net worth that is $1 million or more. As a broker, this gives you the opportunity to work with people that are financially secure and want their money to start working for them.

When buying leads for investment brokers, you can set geographic parameters so that you are only calling on people within your local geographic area. If, however, you are licensed in multiple states you can use that to your advantage to purchase a larger list. Leads for investment brokers can also be sorted by demographics. For example, if you want to work with women, men, those in a particular age group, income bracket, etc. This allows you to target your prospects more specifically and hone your sales pitch based on your audience. This is especially important if you feel that your services would appeal more to a particular group, or you are pitching a specific investment opportunity.

As a broker, there are specific steps you can take to make your calling efforts more effective. Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Create an elevator pitch. When calling someone on the phone, you have a short window in which to make a good impression. Hone your message and explain why you are calling and what you can do for them quickly. Use something to capture their attention.
  • Be specific. If you have a certain investment opportunity you are pitching, obtain a list of investors that may be interested in that industry niche. For example, buy a list of leads for investment brokers with oil and gas investors so that you can tailor your pitch to them and that market.
  • Know your facts. When calling accredited investors, you are reaching out to people that are already financially savvy. Be prepared to discuss the market and back up your data with facts.
  • Why are you better? People need to know why you are better than the competition. Instead of simply focusing on education and certifications, focus on what you can do for them that others won’t. How are your services more convenient? What do you do to put in the extra effort?

Obtain your leads for investment brokers today and start making calls tomorrow. By regularly scheduling call time, you can grow your client portfolio faster than ever.

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