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Precious Metals IRA

Hi, everybody. My name is John Fischer. Welcome to Accredited Precious Metals IRAs It’s a big thing. It’s calming down right now. It’s not as many as they used to be. But I got to tell you, you have the big, big, major firms that are taking your IRAs and you’re able to hold precious metals in the IRAs.

It’s important to make sure that the IRAs are real. IRAs were always back in the old days, before I got into this business, there were some IRAs, and I remember the paperwork took a long time. But there is a lot of legitimate firms that will take your IRA and put it into precious metals.

And we have those people, our credit investors all have big IRAs. Anytime somebody calls me up and says, hey, John, I’m doing metals, we’re using their IRAs. What do you got? I need somebody with IRAs.

I doubt it. 99% of my credit investors have an IRA, and they work out real well. But I’ve seen a huge decline in the number of firms that are doing the IRA. I think mainly because the big guys advertising on Fox and on TV stations or whatever have cornered the market.

And I don’t want to mention names, but you know what I’m talking about. These are big, big guys, and they do big, big TV advertising tizing. And anyone small is going to have a tough time competing against them.

But if you are doing precious metals IRA, we got them, our credit investors. They’re $0.50 apiece. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day and God bless.

Private Coin Buyers

My name is John Fischer. Welcome to accredited, private coin buyers. So kind of a strange key word, but I mean, that’s what we sell. We sell people that buy eagles, they buy St Gaudens, they buy all types of numismatic coins graded.

They may buy this stuff pcgs, Ms 65, Ms 70s, whatever. I think I’ve got a st. Glen’s High relief Ms 69. I paid too much money for. I think I paid $2,500. Maybe today is worth $2,500. I didn’t even know that it wasn’t even an ounce coin.

It’s only three quarters of an ounce ago. It’s going to be so careful with the newsmatic coin market. But I got to tell you, if you’re looking for private coin buyers, that’s what we have. We have so many of them, it’s unbelievable.

I recently bought a firm out and out of the half million I got from him, I didn’t own 200,000. So when you buy a list and you see how many names you already own, it usually tells you you’re in a sweet spot.

If you don’t have any of them, buy everywhere, something’s up. How could there not be any buyers in here? But when you have a high amount of people that are coin buyers that are already in your dad database, it usually tells you that you’re in the sweet spot.

You’re definitely getting a legitimate list here. That’s from my end. As far as buying these people, they’re coming anywhere from TV, radio, online shopping, all kinds of stuff like that. I recently got a list of online shoppers, high end online shoppers, working very well.

If you have any questions and whatsoever about private coin buyers leads, people that are private coin buyers, we have $0.50 apiece. If you do some volume, I mean, 20,000, I’ll drop to a quarter. That’s 5000 miles to 20,000 leads.

It’s a great price. Any questions, call me. 561-239-0364. Have a beautiful day. And God bless.

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