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Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by John Fischer

Hi my name is John Fisher, welcome to You guys heard about Big Dogs. It’s what we call a brand. I got it from a particular firm that I’ve been getting leads for indirectly for years and years and years. An accredited investor makes $200,000 a year for the last two years, $300,000 combined million net worth not including his home, and he has experienced in managing his personal portfolio. A qualified accredited investor has a quarter million dollar minimum risk capital and has five million dollars in investible asset. So this company only has a quarter million dollar units, and they have to say in the memorandum that they have at least five million in investable asset, so they are qualified accredited investors. We call them the big dogs. I got maybe 12,000 throughout the last three years, recently got a buyer’s list off that list. I’ve got 168 people put in $32 million. By the way, I’ve got some other oil and gas. I gotta tell you that the big dogs that always been in great database they start out as 5 million plus annual sales, contact information, so the majority are business, and you know what, these are real people. The only thing negative about the big dogs especially the clients, a client invest a million dollar [00:01:32.16] that guy is sophisticated, that guys is sharp, I got to tell you something, you gotta get them 8+, you’re the number one guy who’s super closer because anyone that’s a b closer a guy is not a closer. I’m telling you, do not buy big dogs for your Rockies or for your guys who can’t close their zippers because you’re wasting your money and you’re wasting your time. My opinion one of the best leads in the country, again, exclusive to me By the way, we have, they have their own website. So if you’re interested, the price is depending on how close you are to pay off. Actually, the client list cas one price and the other one we’re selling it anywhere between 2 to 3 dollars depending on quantity. We used to get five bucks a piece but they’re getting aged right now. Any question on the big dogs, feel free to call me John Fisher 561-239-0364, have a beautiful day and god bless.

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